These gentleman pushing their hopping goregrind since 2012 have put out several split recordings (the last one so far is from 2019) and a full-length album released at a local label Rotten Roll Rex. Their music is a sincere homage to both the old, horror film school and goregrind classics such as CBT, Gut or Rompeprop.

Bubbling vocal and dance rhythms of these German gentlemen are a clear invitation for a dance to everyone present..and we, at the Battlefield, love to dance!!!


The band was formed in August 2012 by Bam Sizaf and his best friends Aleks and Dimi Weis. Some months later, David made the band complete.

Inspired by the bands mentioned above, they had the idea to create a new style of Goregrind with a new theme. These guys are total fans of old-school horror movies from the 20th century like Creature From The Black Lagoon, Nosferatu, Frankenstein, Phantom of the Opera or Octaman. The Creatures From The Tomb are bringing these cult horror figures back with their music by using perfectly placed intros and savage riffs for ultimate horror and thrills. In 2013, they released two splits with Hymen Holocaust (Cliteater roots) from the Netherlands and Tu Carne from Spain. Moreover, their first official music video came out for their track "Master Of Black Art", made by KettenSergej.

In 2015, a line up change happened. Jörg Röttger from the death-thrash metal band Monster (with which Dimi used to play as well) became the new Creatures drummer. His mind blowing style of playing added a more bulldozing kind of groove to their sound and helped shaping their debut album "The Terrifying Menace", released in 2018 by Rotten Roll Rex.

Over the last few years, they played several festivals and concerts allover Europe with bands like Gutalax, Spasm, guineapig, Urtikaria Anal, Stillbirth or MTV Jackass star Bam Margera's band Fuckface Unstoppable. They played at Rompeprop's Festival Grindhoven, Grabbenacht, Ear Terror Festival, Grindfeast XL and many more!

In 2019, The Creatures From The Tomb released a split with Undying Lust For Cadaverous Molestation, Plasma and Gonorrhea Pussy – one of the sickest splits ever in the groovy goregrind scene. Now the band is working on new songs for their second full-length album and preparing for their European tour in December 2019.


Release date Release name Media
2019 Fo(u)r The Gore & The Lustful Perversity (Split w/ Gonorrhea Pussy, Plasma, UxLxCxM)
2018 The Terrifying Menace
2013 Opera House Horror (Split w/ Tu Carne)
2013 The Groovy 3-Way Cuts (Split w/ Hymen Holocaust)


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