GALVANIZER - Gorefestation


Formed in 2013, GALVANIZER exploded on to the scene with fast, brutal and grinding death metal which they managed to etch onto their EP “Horrid Tales of Death...” just two year later. Full of energy, rawness and grinding velocity, the band recorded its debut album “Sanguine Vigil” in 2017.

This amazing album ignited the interest of the death metal underground scene and sparked off a series of shows worldwide. After an exhilarating European tour with Funebrarum, the band will electrify fans at the OEF amphitheatre. Let us revel in a pulverizing show full of violent Finnish Deathgrind!!!


Galvanizer was formed in 2013 as a one-man project of a young Finnish death metal maniac. It grew to two members in the autumn of the following year and with a few days of intense rehearsing, a debut demo “Ground Above” was born. The demo offered their first take on brutal, grinding death metal with lots of energy, grittiness and overall crudity to the recording production and songwriting.

Since 2015 their line-up has been solid after the addition of a new drummer. During that year they released their EP “Horrid Tales of Death...” which showed improvement in songwriting, production, and deliverance and followed the release by playing several shows in Finland and Denmark in 2016. Composing a lot of new material was essential and the debut album “Sanguine Vigil” was recorded in the summer of 2017 and released early next year. This fast and brutal album hit the radar of the death metal scene all around the world and Galvanizer delivered successful shows in Finland, Denmark, and even Japan. Since then the band has kept thriving and playing more and more shows all the time, including many festival shows and the first European tour with Funebrarum.

For 2020 the band has been already booked for an increasing number of shows all around the world and they are expecting to have a second full-length album ready and rolling till then. It will be one hell of a mutilation once again...

Galvanizer is:
Vili Mäkinen - Bass & Lead Vocals
Aleksi Vähämäki - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Nico Niemikko - Drums


Release date Release name Media
2018 Sanguine Vigil
2016 Rehearsal Tape ‘16 DEMO
2015 Horrid Tales of Death EP
2014 Ground Above DEMO


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