TANKARD - Zombie Attack


Frankfurt, Germany. What do we know about this place? Well it has a large airport and a football club, Eintracht, and it also has one of the biggest German thrash metal bands, a member of "The Big Teutonic 4", TANKARD!!! There's no need to introduce the band, they have been around since 1982, when four long-haired metalheads met for beer and created the foundation for the Alcoholic Metal style.

Their wicked, aggressive music has a great deal of hyperbole and their gigs are famous for having balls and being great fun!!! We can safely assume that hectolitres of beer will be drunk during their set. The guys will certainly love Obscene's beer revolution!!!  We can’t wait to see what brand of OEF beer TANKARD will choose. One thing for sure, their tankard will not be empty!!!


In 1982 when four longhaired metal-maniacs from Frankfurt am Main, Germany decided to found a band named TANKARD, nobody expected them to still be going three decades later. Not to mention being at the top of the German thrash metal scene! But they are still alive and kicking, and throughout these years there’s barely been a blip in their path! Today, when the routine of breaking-up, making a “reunion” and disappearing again seems to be the order of play for bands, TANKARD never joined this course of action and kept holding their flag of thrash metal high: a very respectable effort! NOT ONE DAY DEAD!

This is why the founders of “Alcoholic Metal” can now celebrate their 35th anniversary in 2017 with their 17th studio album entitled »One Foot In The Grave«! Cheers!

However, it is no longer like the magazine "Stern" wrote in 1988 in a large feature about the "Heavy Metal Subculture": "Their music sounds like a full train containing beer jugs jumping the rails." For despite their humour, you should never underestimate the musical proficiency of TANKARD. The band who has kept on releasing powerful albums has achieved the title of “cult band” with all time-classics like ‘Empty Tankard’, ‘The Morning After’ and ‘Chemical Invasion’.

Sold out club shows, tours in south America and Asia, performances at the biggest metal festivals of the world (WACKEN, HELLFEST, GRASPOP, SUMMER BREEZE), as well as their recent chart entries perfectly illustrate their popularity.

And even when the album title suggests, this is not the end! TANKARD’s sound is still full of creativity, freshness and aggressiveness. Songs like ‘Syrian Nightmare’, ‘Arena Of The True Lies’ or the title track ‘One Foot In the Grave’ continue their run of classics. This time, the album is also going to have a serious streak; not only filled with humour but criticising today’s society. Even the traditional beer song ‘Secret Order 1516’ displays some critical elements.
But don’t worry: fans of the typical TANKARD humour won’t be disappointed! With songs like ‘Sole Grinder’, the band hasn’t forgotten their raison d'être. This song pays tribute to the band’s manager Buffo Schnädelbach (Gerre: »The funniest choleric person in Germany«) in an ironic way.

For the first time they’ve recorded an album in the Gernhard Studios in Troisdorf, Germany. With producer Martin Buchwalter (DESTRUCTION, SUIDAKRA), the band have developed a new powerful sound. The bass is grooving, the drums are hammering and the voice of Gerre sounds more angry and full of energy than ever before. In addition, Andi Gutjahr has added some guitar riffs and soli you’ve never before heard from TANKARD. This complex album will take many people by surprise and will surely inspire not only the hardcore fans of the band!

Even if a lot has changed over the last three decades, one thing has remained the same: TANKARD are four metal-maniacs from Frankfurt. Authentic, loud and sometimes drunk.
And this will likely stay the same for the next 35 years!!!


Release date Release name Media
2017 One Foot in the Grave
2014 R.I.B (Rest in Beer) (Nuclear Blast)
2012 A Girl Called Cerveza (Nuclear Blast)
2010 Vol(l)ume 14 (AFM Records)
2008 Thirst (AFM Records)
2006 The Beauty and the Beer (AFM Records)
2004 Beast of Bourbon (AFM Records)
2002 B-Day (AFM Records)
2000 Kings of Beer (Century Media)
1998 Disco Destroyer (Century Media)
1995 The Tankard (Noise Records)
1994 Two-Faced (Noise Records)
1992 Stone Cold Sober (Noise Records)
1990 The Meaning of Life (Noise Records)
1988 The Morning After (Noise Records)
1987 Chemical Invasion (Noise Records)
1986 Zombie Attack (Noise Records)


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