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Do we know any Brazilian crust core bands notorious for causing anarchy due to their wicked regular tours of Europe and releasing fiendish recordings with the help of European labels? Hell yes, SOCIAL CHAOS! These guys put out a severe crust core assault with grind passages in the vein of Extreme Noise Terror or Disrupt.

This is simply a classic Obscene Extreme band with an old school style, which is the reason why we keep going back to Trutnov. Get ready for your latest chance to see them as they haven’t been at OEF since as long ago as 2010!!!


Social Chaos was founded with the intention of discussing and understanding libertarian ideals, as well as creating awareness towards such topics as social politics, environment, sexual diversity and freewill of humankind. The band aims to spread its critics of the status quo and encourage audience's reflection using extreme music as its vehicle.

Social Chaos emerged around 2001, after the split up of the influential hardcore band F.D.S, which had within its members Social Chaos' founder, Borella Chaos. In the city of Sao Bernardo do Campo, where a sharpened class struggle amongst industrial workers framed a highly original scene, outstanding in its brutal sound combined with the questionative approach to lyrics, Social Chaos anchor.

Since the early days, Social Chaos been exploring extreme music's potency consistently and in many ways: Being released in Brazil, Japan, U.S. and many European countries, in various formats, from 7" EPs to LPs, tapes and CDs, also working alongside other bands in compilations and splits, and being featured in fanzines, DVDs and story reports of specialised media with a big coverage.

Shows in South America and four extensive European tours in 2005, 2009, 2010 and 2012 put Social Chaos' name in the international map, besides consolidating its importance and influence to the local scene, outcomes of eighteen years of brutal diligent work within the underground.

In Brazil, the band's become notorious for its wide territory coverage, playing a high amount of shows for the most different audiences. From remote locations to big city stages sharing festival appearances with big bands such as Ratos de Porão (BR), Discharge (UK), Varukers (UK), Riistetyt (FIN), D.R.I (USA), Extreme Noise Terror (UK), Doom (UK), to mention a few. Abroad, the band's played in Czech Republic in the prestigious extreme music festivals Obscene Extreme and Play Fast or Don't, and following the Paranoia Festival in Germany.

Since its early days, seeding the cultural exchange by supporting and booking fellow band's concerts and tours, Social Chaos ties bounds with individuals and collective interested in keeping the flame of opposition through understanding the ideals deepened in the lyrics like Anti Racism, Anti homophobia, Anti Xenophobia, and against such corrupt manifestations of mens' behaviour and thought processes.

With renewed energy and two new members reminiscent of bands like Seek Terror, N.E.K., Letal, Cegos Pelo Ódio and Kruda, Social Chaos is now releasing a new album named "Enquanto Deuses Empoeiram Em Você...", to be released by December 2019. Playing fast in the realms of punk music, concisely and held to the ethics and attitude of DIY, the aggressive sound leads us to themes surrounding the destruction of our planet and animals, extreme maleficious acts against oneself and the others.


Release date Release name Media
2019 Social Chaos – CDR – Enquanto Deuses Empoeiram em Você
2016 Social Chaos / Kemagorra MC (TAPE)
2016 Social Chaos / Wojczech – Split EP
2014 Social Chaos / King Terror - 10” LP
2013 Social Chaos - Dia do Óbito CD
2012 Social Chaos - Revolutions Brearth CD
2012 Social Chaos / Terror Firmer EP
2012 Social Chaos / Terror Firmer – Split EP
2012 Social Chaos - Chaos Copilation CD
2010 Social Chaos / Primordial Sounds Split EP
2010 Social Chaos / Attitude Zero Split EP
2009 Social Chaos - Ciclo Da Traição CD, LP
2006 Social Chaos / Subcut- Split EP
2005 Social Chaos / Audiokollaps Split CD
2005 Social Chaos / Prumyslova Smrt CD
2005 Social Chaos -The End EP
2004 Live In A Disturbed Place - Alive CD
2004 3 Way Of Armageddon CD
2004 A Munumental A Destruição Da Vida Vol.02 CD
2003 Social Chaos/C.H.C- Split LP
2002 4 Way Split - Atordoar Vol. 01 CD
2001 Demotape – Cassete – CDR MC (TAPE)


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