INFEKCJA - Przegrani, Humanitarne Naloty


The crust scene of our northern neighbours has always been intense and outstanding, and this band is core to that legend. We are speaking about INFEKCJA, a quartet from Wrocław, Poland, which formed in 1991, and was at the inception of the Eastern European anarcho crust punk scene!!!

In the very beginning, as you’d expect from punk, the guys couldn't play their instruments for shit and the line-up chopped and changed. Their first demo in 1994, however, stunned people with a mix of angry crust, d beat and anarcho punk. INFEKCJA has stuck to this style, which has made them well-deserved veterans of the scene!!! After all these years, we are happy to have them on the OEF stage for the first time, where INFEKCJA undoubtedly belongs!!!


Infekcja is one of the longest playing anarcho crust punk bands in Poland. The band was founded in late-1991 under the name Krwawa Uryna Jana Pawła II, but was quickly renamed Infekcja. After some perturbations, in 1994 the finall ine-up has been established (Mokry- vocal, Słoma – guitar, Biały – bass, Biki -drums). The first material, that was released is the cassette “Każdy Robotnik”, recorded in September 1995. Three subsequent visits to the recording studios – in 1997, 2006 (with a second guitar player Mosiek) and 2010 - resulted in several CDs, cassettes, splits, and EPs. Infekcja gave  hundreds of concerts and toured multiple times all over Europe. The members of Infekcja actively support the DIY scene and are directly related to the CRK - alternative independent culture center in Wroclaw. Even though the band had a pause in 2005-2008 and in 2014-2018, Infekcja is still playing and... still not giving interviews!

Current members:
Mokry – vocal (1991- present)
Słoma – guitar (1993 -present)
Biki – drums (1993 – present)
Biały – bass (1994 – present)

Former members:
Cyziu – drums (1991 – 1993)
Chudy – guitar  (1991 – 1992)
Aśka – viola (1992-1994)
Guma – guitar  (1992 – 1994)
Koniu – bass  (1992 – 1994)
Mosiek – guitar (1996 – 1998)


Release date Release name Media
2019 Singles 1997 LP
2011 Infekcja” 7 EP
2005 Przegrani + Single CD
2003 Przegrani” LP, MC (TAPE)
1998 Infekca/SO War Spli 7 EP
1998 Symbioza” 7 EP
1998 Infekcja/Jugglin Jugulars split MC (TAPE)
1997 Infekcja” 7 EP
1996 Każdy Robotnik... CD, LP


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