BRUTAL SPHINCTER - Anders Breivik Utoya Party


Svojí prvotinu na prknech trutnovského Bojiště si přijedou odtančit tito mladí pánové ze země čokolády. Jejich příchuť bude sice čokoládově zabarvena, ale všem je jasné, z jaké suroviny ji chlapci uvaří.

Brutální svěrač (jenž znamená doslovný překlad názvu kapely) v tomto případě nevydrží tlak jejich zábavné formy gore grindu a všichni si, i pres tu záplavu, společně rádi zatrsáme v jejich hopsavých rytmech!!! BRUTAL SPHINCTER na OEF 2019!!!


Bare-chested, crazy, groovy, really fast and crazy shows are words you might hear when you talk about Brutal Sphincter (BxSx).

Founded in 2012, this formation is a POOlitical Goregrind band mainly based in Belgium. The five-piece band have show cased many times their obscure and feasting way of Goregrind troughout Europe in countries like Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, UK, Germany, Swiss, CZE, Slovakia, and Romania with a massive amount of live performances.

During the past years they shared stages with the biggest Goregrind and (brutal) death metal acts like Gutalax, Dying Fetus, General Surgery, Katalepsy, Jig-Aï, Putridity, Cryptopsy, Carnivore Diprosopus, Rectal Smegma, Squash Bowels, Origin, Misery Index, 5 stabbed 4 Corpses, Razorrape, Guineapig, Aborted or Serrabhulo as well playing at festivals like Deathfeast Open Air, Antitrends Open Air, Flesh Party, XXXapada, Monthy Assault, Grindfeast, Grabbenacht, Brutality Over Belgium, Forced Fed System and many more.

The band has actually released two albums. The first one is Dirty Jazz Bondage Club (2015), which showed that they are willing to play fast and groovy old school flavored Goregrind.  This first effort permeats them to make a good income into the scene. The second album is called “Analhu Akbar“. This full length represents a big step forward for them due to his political and satirical content but as well because of the developement in the song writing which contain an unique and personnal approach of what goregrind is. Warmed welcome by the fans and the underground scene,  critically acclaimed by the fanzines, Brutal Sphincter will crush your faces with their last their last release  “AnalHu Akbar“.

BxSx against extremisms!

Actual line-up:
Spermain: Guitars (2012-present), Bass (2015-present)
Major Diarrhea: Unpitched vocals (2012-present)
GG Stalin: Pitched vocals (2015-present)
Léo: Drums (September 2018 - present)
Riddo: Lead/Main Guitars (2018 – present)
Eerik: Session/Second rythm guitar (September 2018 – present))

Past band members:

Jason Anania: Bass (2012-2013), Drum programming (2013-2016)
Léo Clitvox: Pitched vocals (2013 – 2015)
Rolf Konig: Drums (2017)
Steve Rosati: Guitars (2015 – 2017)
Logan Dykens: Guitars (March – June 2018)
Yourine: Drums (June 2018 – September 2018)


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2018 AnalHu Akbar: 8 august 2018 (Rotten Roll Rex)
2015 Dirty Jazz Bondage Club: 13 February 2015 (Rotten Roll Rex)
2013 Demo: 11 may 2013 (No label – online promotion) DEMO


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