Oslava 20 let OEF se speciálním promítáním dokumentárního filmu o Nasum ”Blasting shit to bits – The Final Show”.

Nasum se během svého působení stali jedním z nejvlivnějších představitelů extrémního undergroundu. Když zpěvák Mieszko Talarczyk zmizel a zemřel v ničivé a tragické tsunami v roce 2004, Nasum přestalo okamžitě existovat. Když se v roce 2012 přiblížilo 20. výročí založení, kapela uskutečnila celosvětové turné s úmyslem ukončit Nasum "tak, jak se to mělo stát - explodovat v divokém, zničujícím šílenství, a ne se vytratit vydáni na milost a nemilost tragédii." Turné zahrnovalo bláznivé vystoupení v šílené, nádherně nechutné a tak milované grindcorové baště, kterou je Obscene Extreme Festival v Trutnově.

Pět let po skončení turné dokončil filmař Michael Panduro svůj hudební film, který zdokumentoval poslední,  emocionálně i zvukově ničivou show před 1000 fans v nyní již nefunkčním klubu Debaser Medis ve Stockholmu. Film s názvem "Blasting Shit to Bits - The Final Show" obsahuje celou show, rozhovory a vzpomínky a měl premiéru v roce 2017 na Kodaňském festivalu hudebních filmů. Promítal se v Mexiku, Švédsku, Slovinsku a dalších zemích.

Na oslavu 20. výročí založení OEF uspořádají NASUM na festivalu speciální projekci filmu. Všichni členové kapely budou na OEF, aby tutu podívanou uvedli a vzdali čest grindcorovému supertaťkovi Čurbymu a jeho fesťáku. Bomba!


NASUM: Blasting Shit to Bits - The Final Show

SYNOPSIS During its tenure, Swedish grindcore-band NASUM quickly rose to become one of the most influential acts of the extreme metal underground. But when lead singer Mieszko Talarczyk disappeared and died in the devastating and tragic tsunami of 2004, NASUM instantly ceased to exist. An eight-year break followed before the band's surviving members enlisted the help of ROTTEN SOUND vocalist Keijo Niinimaa and reunited to celebrate what would have been their 20th anniversary by embarking on a full world tour with the intent of ending NASUM "the way it was supposed to — exploding in a ferocious, blasting frenzy, not wither away at the mercy of tragedy."

Four and a half years after NASUM's last live performance, the band and filmmaker Michael Panduro have completed a music film documenting the band's final, emotionally and sonically pulverizing show in front of a thousand fans at Stockholm's now-defunct Debaser Medis venue.

'Blasting Shit to Bits - The Final Show' incorporates raw DIY aesthetics to show the band's final performance as it was, while incorporating new interviews where the band tell their story.

DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT When Nasum asked me to document their final day as a band, we quickly agreed that we didn't want to add any polish, but rather depict the day as it was. It was an intense night with a band wearing their emotions for all to see, and we didn't want to shy away from that. So that was my way of attacking the project, both in term of filming and editing. To put equal focus on the things that went well, the things that went wrong, the things that were said and the things that weren't said (as highlighted through the honest interviews throughout the film). We also wanted to create an engaging viewer experience, that was as close to being in that sweaty pit of a thousand dedicated patrons as we could. So we incorporated footage shot by the audience, and created a sound mix that resembled the live experience more than a polished live recording.

October 6th 2012 was a night to remember. There were tears, there was joy, there was emotional release and their was exhaustion. To see all these emotions at a grindcore show is a rare thing. In documenting the event, I hope and believe we did the night and the legacy of Nasum justice.

TECHNICAL SPECS Concert documentary, Sweden/Denmark, 2017 87min, color, Dolby 5.1 English and Swedish Dialogue DCP / Digital File.

CREDITS Director, producer, editor - Michael Panduro Camera - Casper Haugegaard, Michael Panduro, Rasmus Sejersen Sound Mix - Simon Ellegaard, Keijo Niinimaa Cast - Anders Jakobson, Jon Lindqvist, Jesper Liveröd, Keijo Niinimaa, Urban Skytt.

CONTACT michael@postpartumfilm.com / nasum@nasum.com


Nasum was formed in 1992 by Anders Jakobson (guitar) and Rickard Alriksson (drums/vocals), two former members of the band Necrony. The record label of Necrony offered Nasum a slot on a split 7". After Mieszko Talarczyk joined the band as a guitarist in 1993, the band was featured on Blind World split EP with Agathocles. After several more splits, Nasum released an MCD (mini compact disc) of their own with Poserslaughter Records in 1995.

As the band started touring, Alriksson departed from Nasum. Guitarist Jakobson moved into the drummer's position and Talarczyk handled guitars and vocals. More EPs and splits followed over 1996 and 1997; and in 1998 Nasum released their first full-length album, Inhale/Exhale, on Relapse Records. As the band expanded their audience and touring, they recruited a full-time bassist, Jesper Liveröd (from Burst) in early 1999. The second album, Human 2.0, was released in April 2000 and followed by two years of touring and performing in support of the work, including a stop in Japan.

The third album, Helvete, was released in 2003, featured Napalm Death's Shane Embury, was well received, and led to even more high-profile appearances, especially on the European festival circuit. At that time, Nasum were joined by second guitarist Urban Skytt and bassist Jon Lindqvist, who replaced the departing member Liveröd. In 2004, Nasum released Shift and continued with touring.

Talarczyk went on vacation to Thailand shortly before the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. His death was officially confirmed on February 17, 2005, and Nasum disbanded. A compilation, Grind Finale was released in 2006 and a live album featuring a 2004 show from Osaka, entitled Doombringer, was released in early 2008.

In October 2011, Nasum announced a special one-off tour to celebrate the band's 20th anniversary the following year. Filling in for late singer Talarczyk was Rotten Sound frontman Keijo Niinimaa.

FOR AN EXTENSIVE NASUM BIOGRAPHY VISIT http://nasum.com/biography.php


Berlinale Talents and Kyoto Filmmaker’s Lab alumni with a degree in Film Science from The University of Copenhagen. Honing his skills for almost a decade in music videos and commercials, Michael gained notoriety for pushing the envelope on gore and good taste in music videos. Upon its release in 2010, his video for ”Ohrwurm” by Cephalic Carnage was set as the bar, for what was acceptable as artistic nudity and bloodshed on Youtube – but the video was soon banned. His work for bands like Saint Vitus, Napalm Death and Job for a Cowboy are effectively short films in disguise and has been screened as such at festivals like Raindance, San Sebastian HAFFF and Bogoshorts, some of them winning awards in the process.

After a brief flirt with animation and a concert documentary about Swedish band Nasum, Michael returned to fiction with the short film ’The Sunken Convent’ in 2016. ’The Sunken Convent’ picked up a number of awards and screened at more than 60 film festivals including Clermont-Ferrand, Cucalorus and mayor genre fests like Screamfest, Monster Fest and Brussels Fantastic Film Festival.

Michael’s work is defined by a love for fleshy grotesqueries, hints of surrealism and a belief that the tools of genre filmmaking can be utilised in creating thought provoking metaphors and genuinely engaging stories – often with very little dialogue. In his work he fuses a love for extreme cinema with traditional storytelling and engaging characters, creating works that set themselves apart from most genre-filmmaking.

Apart from his work as a filmmaker, Michael has done extensive work as a festival and cinema programmer in Copenhagen working for festivals like CPH PIX, VOID Animation Festival (which he co-founded) and The Bloody Weekend Horror Film Festival. He has also worked as a writer for international filmsites including Screen Anarchy (formerly Twitch) and Bloody-Disgusting.


- Dead Cross: Church of The Motherfuckers (Music Video, 2018)

- Nasum: Blasting Shit to Bits – The Final Show (Concert Documentary, 2017)

- The Sunken Convent (org. title: Det Sjunkne Kloster) (Short Film, 2016) 

- Napalm Death: Smash a Single Digit (Animated Music Video, 2015) 

- Headcrusher: Common Nonsense (Music Video, 2014)

- Job For a Cowboy: Tarnished Gluttony (Music Video, 2012) 

- Saint Vitus: Let Them Fall (Music Video, 2012) 

- Retox: Ten Pounds of Shit in a Five Pound Bag (Animated Music Video, 2011)

- Cephalic Carnage: Ohrwurm (Music Video, 2010) 


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