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Vítáme další opravdu brutální sebranku z britských ostrovů, na jejich prvním OEF vystoupení!!! BASEMENT TORTURE KILLINGS!!! Tito propagátoři snuff grindu vznikli v roce 2007 a vydali 3 velká alba a několik split alb společně s kapelami jako Desecration nebo Holocausto Cannibal, přičemž na svých štacích v UK a Evropě ukazují jejich fans, jak prezentovat jejich vražedné songy!!!

V roce 2017 banda vydala svoji zatím poslední hudební vraždu „There's Something About Beryl“, která byla první s novou front zpěvačkou Beryl!!! Nahrávka posunuje reputaci kapely o několik úrovní nahoru a o tom Vás BASEMENT TORTURE KILLINGS přesvědčí svým zběsilým death/grindem a láskou ke krvákům 80-tých let na prknech OEF 2018!!! Určitě po nich zbude krvavá skvrna!!!


Some music was meant to stay underground, or so the saying goes – and some music was meant to stay in
a filthy basement, knee-deep in gore, knitting a new pair of socks with someone’s entrails. Welcome to the
deranged world of Basement Torture Killings.

The original line-up of BTK first escaped from their asylums, secure units and maximum security prisons
back in 2007. They were drawn together by fate and stayed together due to their mutual interest in death
metal, grindcore and killing. They evaded capture long enough to record a demo, an EP and two albums,
The Second Cumming, which was released through Arcane Productions in 2011 and the hellish A Night Of
Brutal Torture, unleashed by Grindscene Records in 2014.

Sadly, while touring in support of that monstrous album, only guitarist Tarquin was sufficiently careful when
disposing of the leftovers from his ‘extracurricular activities’, the rest of the band falling prey to the ever
zealous police. Tarquin was left to stalk the sewers and cesspits of the world, searching through the ranks of
the sick and psychotic for those gifted enough to continue his crusade of metal and barbarity. Eventually he
found them...Dr. Krauss, an unlicensed ‘surgeon’ with a bloodlust to match his bass playing. Faceless Killer,
a barely controllable beast, only content when battering and bruising drum skins or human skin. And
Beryl...wide eyed but far from innocent and perhaps the only creature capable of making her bestial band
mates uneasy and uncomfortable. Yes, there’s definitely something about Beryl.

So what better title for the latest album from Basement Torture Killings? There's Something About Beryl
takes not only the madness to new levels, but the sheer musicality as well. Conscienceless monsters they
most certainly are, but BTK can play! You won’t hear a more intense, more terrifyingly convincing slab of
death or grind anywhere. Tarquin’s solos tear through these songs like power tools through flesh, the
onslaught of the bass and drums is utterly overwhelming and then there’s Beryl – a chilling presence of
unfathomable inhumanity and sadistic cruelty, repulsive and yet compellingly enticing. This album is a
sickness, as infectious as the plague. This band are unnerving, dangerous and addictive.


Tarquin – Guitars & Vocals | Dr. Krauss – Bass | Faceless Killer – Drums | Beryl - Vocals
Genre: Death Metal / Goregrind


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2017 There’s Something About Beryl Full length CD
2016 To Grind And Bound Split CD
2014 A Night Of Brutal Torture Full Length CD
2013 Desecration/BTK Split 7” vinyl
2013 A Split Worse Than Death Split Release CD
2011 The Second Cumming Full Length CD
2009 The First Cumming CD, EP


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