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Brazilská hardcore legenda, která si, světe div se!, ještě v Trutnově na Obscene Extreme Festivalu nezahrála. Takže to bude nejspíš už jedna z posledních brazilských undergroundových legend, které si tak můžeme s klidným svědomím odškrtnout ze seznamu. A kdo že to je? Samotní ARMAGEDOM! Kapela, která byla založena již v roce 1984 a stala se inspirací pro stovky dalších kapel po následující již více než tři dekády.

Navíc tuhle kapelu nemusíme tuzemským fanouškům asi moc představovat, protože v posledních letech, respektive posledních několik alb, zakotvila se svojí tvorbou u Insane Society Records. Legendy světové hardcore/punk/thrash scény! ARMAGEDOM z Brazílie!!!


Armagedom band started in 1984, previously the band’s name was RadEsquerda but with the departure of former bassist Zero, we decided to change the band name to Armagedom. The band original line up was Javier – vocal, Ricardo - Drums, Barriga - Guitar and Eduardo - Bass. We started with no equipment (really nothing!) and without knowing a musical note, super punk!!! Redson (from Colera band) helped us a lot in the beginning when we started rehearsing and learning to play in his studio using the Colera’s equipment. After few months, we managed to buy some equipment like drums, amps, guitar, bass and started to rehearse in Javier parents’ house backyard room. Our lyrics style was already set from the beginning, the vision of misery, suffering, hopelessness and misfortunes that were around us.

At the beginning the sound was very hardcore noise, this was the era of songs like the Mortos de Fome, Super Projetos, Divida Externa, Dinheiro e Poder, Gritos de Dor and Torturam os Pobres.

In 85 we decided to go to a studio to record our first material. We raised some money and went to the Eldorado Studio and recorded the first Armagedom tracks. This tape was used to do the LP 1984 – Principio da Agonia which was launched in 2005 by the label Drunk & Dissoberly Records Finland. Actually, the sound was pretty chaotic at that time. This album was also released on tape in 2012 by the label Purgatorius Records form Luiz Umberto.

With this recorded material in hands we were told that the Ataque Frontal records was preparing a compilation album and we got involved. We included Mortos de Fome and Super Projetos songs in the Ataque Sonoro comp LP, our first participation on a comp album. The curious thing is that I actually wanted to include the sound of Gritos de Dor instead of Super Projetos but at the end Super Projetos was choose.

At that time, we didn’t do much gigs, did not have much space for playing, everything was very restricted. We played at the Ataque Sonoro release gig in SP and RJ, played at a festival in Santa Catarina and some shows in the periphery. One of the most important show we did at the time was in Lira Paulistana. This show was recorded and became the B side of the LP Principio da Agonia.

After Ataque Sonoro comp participation, Nunes (Rainbow Records) heard our tape recorded in studio Eldorado and wanted to release an LP with that material. But we were already in another period where we were making songs like Sofrer Demais, Sobreviver, Asilo na Existência, Mutilações and managed to convince Nunes to pay us the studio to record our new stuff. This time we recorded in the studio VICE VERSA in 16 hours. It was pretty crazy for sure! I had some ideas for logos, drawings and album’s sleeve, I told these ideas to my cousin Beto who was an excellent designer. This way, we launched our first LP Silencio Funebre!!

In 1987, we decided to change the roles in the band, I went to the guitar, Barriga moved to Bass, Eduardo to the vocal and only Ricarco continued on Drums. We did this because Eduardo had a more powerful voice and I was playing guitar better, so the band could improve the sound. At that time, many bands had huge influences from metal and we had too. In 1988, Barriga left the band for personal reasons and we invited Beto to join us playing bass. During this period, we recorded another demo tape into four channels. This demo was used to be our side on the split LP with the Força Macabra (Tumulo vago aos próximos que irão morrer por omissão LP) which was released by label Six Weeks - US on 1999.

1989-1992 was an interesting period where we played in houses like Espaço Retro, Dinamo, Der Temple and other places in our home town São Paulo. In 1993, we had to stop because of personal reasons until 1998.

In 1997 the guys of Força Macabra contacted me and we began a series of projects together starting with the release of the split LP. I talked to Ricardo and Eduardo in 1998 and we came back to activity with Armagedom band. In 1999 Claudinei joined the band playing bass so we got a complete band again!!!! When we returned back (1999) there was a new house called Hangar 110 in São Paulo and the scene was really hot in Brazil those years, many places and many gigs happening.

With this new lineup, we again went to the studio and released the CD "Das Cinzas ao Inferno" the first album with the new line up. We played in various cities and locations, Sao Paulo, ABC, Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Campinas, SJ do Rio Preto, Goiania, Sorocaba and several others.

In 2005 we did our first European tour passing by Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland. In 2008 we did the LP/CD Sem Esperanças and also did another euro tour, passing by Germany, Italy, Rep Check, Finland, Poland

In 2009, Eduardo left the band for personal reasons and in 2010 Rodrigo Artorius “Thrash” joined us on vocals. Thrash played with us for almost three years and we released the LP “Dez Mil Anos de Terror” in 2012. In the same year (2012), Thrash decided to leave the band because of personal problems. Also in 2012, Ricardo left the band and we had to look for a new drummer and also a new singer. Spaghetti (former Ratos de Porão) joined us on drums in 2012 and Renato came to the band in the beginning of 2013. With this line up we did another eurotour on 2013 and also did the EP Ganância Irracional, Extinção Inevitável. Spaghetti left the band in 2014, the current drummer is Pedro that also plays in Agrotoxico band.

In 2014 we went to Finland to play in Puntala fest as part of band’s 30 years celebration, this gig was recorded and soon will be part of a DVD.

In 2016, the band celebrated 30 years anniversary of our first album Silêncio Fúnebre in a special gig in the venue SESC Belenzinho – São Paulo with Javier back on vocals and Eduardo doing bass in a way to recreated part of original line up that recorded Silêncio Funebre album in 1986. To complement the line up for this special gig, Renato did the guitar and Pedro did the drums. This gig was also recorded in video and audio and will be part of a special release in the future.

Now the band is recording new songs with the current line up Renato – vocals, Javier – guitar, Claudinei – bass and Pedro – drums that will be part of a new album to be released on 2018.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2016 Split EP Barbárie Epidêmica EP
2013 Dez Mil Anos de Terror LP
2013 Ganância Irracional, Extinção Inevitável EP
2011 Participation on CD Discharge Tributo CD
2011 Participation on CD Discharge Tributo CD
2009 Four Way SpeedPunkMtealCrust EP
2008 Sem Esperanças CD, LP
2006 EP Split Armagedom BombenAlarm EP
2005 Apogeu da Insanidade, Crepúsculo da Humanidade EP
2004 Princípio da Agonia 1984 LP
2003 Silêncio Fúnebre CD
2001 Das Cinzas ao Inferno CD
2001 Participation CD Tributo ao Ação Direta CD
1999 Split LP/CD Túmulo Vago aos Próximos que Irão Morrer por Omissão CD, LP
1986 Silêncio Fúnebre LP
1985 Participation LP Coletânea Ataque Sonoro LP


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