TWISTED TRUTH: Turning people into dust

It seems like every band in Czech Republic has its own personality, especially in grindcore. No human could define what is “Czech Grind ”thanks to the wide variety of freakery in this scene. Twisted Truth was one of the first acts in the nineties that represented the genre, but these guys add their own dose of strange humor, catchy songs and weird lyrics.

WHORESNATION: Matraque! Matraque!

This insanely fast Frenchmen are one of the spearheads of grindcore in their country, with bands like Chiens, Filthy Charity, Doomsisters, etc. This guys has the insane number of 150 gigs in 4 years, a noisy and fast assault to Europe. Grindcore without frills. Harshness and power. Aggression and rage. And always with lyrics that do make sense. Grind is protest!

THE KILL: Fast. Short. Loud.

Australia has a great extreme scene, we enjoyed the music of many aussie bands at OEF. But when we think of grindcore in its purest form, one name that undoubtly comes to our mind is The Kill. Borned in 2000 these psychos keep playing as fast as a human can be. There are releasing a new album Kill Them All, so it was the perfect time to interview them.

Chiens Interview

A peaceful sleeping dog was responsible for the name of one of the faster, insanely aggressive grindcore bands from France. Chiens are ready to fill the battlefield with fast blast beats, loud screaming and frenetic riffing. What more an OEF fan could need?

Gutalax Interview

Attention freaks! These coprophage heroes have grown a lot since their last show at OEF 2012. Tthey make dance the world, with massive tours from Mexico to Russia, and they are coming back to our festival to destroy the stage and spread confetti and shit everywhere… so be careful … Gutalax is coming to Trutnov… yay!

The Kill Interview

THE KILL music could be defined as fast and unrelentless sound explosions, but still falls short to display the brutality of their noise. These Australians are ready to play fast for the first time at OEF stage. Be ready Obscene Extreme, THE KILL are coming to grind Europe!!!

Master Interview

We are really excited to interview Mr. Paul Speckmann, bassist and leader of Death Metal legend Master. Master is one of those bands that come to mind when you think about early days in Death Metal. Paul is always near the underground scene and his bands, especially Master and Death Strike, inspired entire generations to approach the most brutal sounds.

Jesus Cröst Interview

Note: We have this nice interview with JESUS CRÖST before they went dead. But we think is a good one with really interesting points. So grind and football fans be ready to hear the last words of JESUS CRÖST.

Bolesno Grinje Interview

The Croatian grind core scene is not that well-known like the underground scenes in other countries. BOLESNO GRINJE is the proof. The reason is that from 2007 till now some band members were prohibited to enter EU countries. But in 2014 they want to bring back their sound to OEF 2014.

Final Exit Interview

Great news! We interview japanese duo FINAL EXIT.Since 1994 this guys creates no mercy blasting grind noise, suitable for freaks. Noisier and faster than ever, they are ready to party with us in their 20 year anniversary in 2014! The answers are short, fast and loud, so no more words needed. Just read and don’t think! BLEAAAUUURGHH!!!!

Machetazo Interview

MACHETAZO is a band from La Coruña (Galicia, Spain). Since 20 years they destroy eardrums with their extreme unmerciful death grind. The best way to celebrate so many years grinding is their new album, “Ruin”. That’s the main reason to interview Dopi, drummer and vocals of MACHETAZO.

Obscene Extreme World Tour 2013 by Fabio Rainer

One year ago I started to plan my own little European tour. The day I've seen the Obscene Extreme Festival (OEF) website I changed my plan. Instead of visiting some metropoles just in Europe I decided to visit all the OEFs in this world. I didn't have a plan about anything so I was lucky that there were some informations about the accomodations, locations and stuff like this on the OEF website.

Agathocles Interview

Agathocles is a great piece of grind history. Strong convictions lead their way since the beginning of the band, and they believe that even a small action can have a big impact in our lives. Agathocles shows us their ideals in their records and actions, so we were eager of an interview with the band to understand their point of view of this world.

Captain Cleanoff Interview

Australia: a land of desert, sun and harsh environment. Maybe the tough ecosystem is the main reason of brutality overdose in their bands. Aussies know how to do good grind and Captain Cleanoff is no exception. You can smile with their song titles but when grinding time arrives you are going to be crushed by a bulldozer. Real fucking grindcore.

EXHUMED Interview

After a five year hiatus and reunion a couple of years back, San Jose’s Exhumed burst back on the death metal scene to retake their rightful place in the genres ranks. 2011 saw the release of the bands fourth studio album ‘All Guts, No Glory’ and the touring that has ensued has been relentless. 


Japan is maybe the noise capital of the world. Deep in the japanese underground there's an evil force, let me introduce you the noise commando called Sete Star Sept. The meaning of 7S7? It's a term taken from Japanese Pachinko.

Haemorrhage Interview

Attention Czech Republic, it is time to close the morgue. Haemorrhage comes to loot Czech hospitals, they are hungry for fresh corpses. Be careful, if you are not on their side you will be cordially invited to go to OBSCENE EXTREME 2013 ... in a body bag...