Agathocles Interview

Agathocles is a great piece of grind history. Strong convictions lead their way since the beginning of the band, and they believe that even a small action can have a big impact in our lives. Agathocles shows us their ideals in their records and actions, so we were eager of an interview with the band to understand their point of view of this world.

Even if you think different or have a different political view, take a minute to read this interview and think. Agathocles deserve respect because they remain strong in their ideas in a sold out world. They even take seriously the more relaxed questions. So activate your mind, and read what mincecore masters has to say to you.

Let's start this interview with a question about Agathocles shows in OEF Asia. Do you enjoy the tour? Is there a chance that you can make an special show again with rare songs?

NILS: Cheers, Indonesia was a great experience for us.
When we arrived in Indonesia we went straight to rehearsal in Jakarta. After that we playd 2 days a different setlist in the obscene extreme. Day after we had a day free so we went to visit some places in Jakarta and in the night we went to record some songs. The tour brought us further to; Semarang, Kediri, Bali and Bekasi… We playd some wicked places for example; a swim paradise, on a hill between the rice fields,... It was great to see allot of people came over for the shows and talk about politics, music etc.
After our 36 hours travel (from Bali to Bekasi and Belgium was in a row) when we arrived in Belgium we went straight to play a last minute show in a 3 day festival at a new squat in Leuven (Belgium). The travels were exhausting but simply we couldn’t have enough.

You stated: "Grind is protest" and "Mincecore for passion, not for fashion". Do you think the scene sometimes lost focus in what real grind is?

Jan: Yes, for sure "the scene" has lost focus on the core of what grind was/is all about when it first popped up in the 1980's. Too many macho values have set foot in "the scene" which is really disappointing for me. Same thing happened with punk in the 70's. But still, being around and doing our thing in "this scene" is still surely worthwhile. There's such a nice and big network of likeminded individuals, movements, organisations all over thee world which makes it rewarding and motivating to be a part of it.

Agathocles has suffered many bad times in his history and you keep going on, how do you get strenght to keep grinding & mincing even in that moments?

Jan: ike I said in question 2, there's such a nice and big network of likeminded individuals, movements, organisations all over the world which makes it rewarding and motivating to be a part of it. It's great to meet new people and to see and talk with old friends which you haven't seen before but only know from writing letters. Good conversations give more insight and works empowering. Also the respect of so many people who do recordlabels, come to gigs, do zines, us energy!

Protest makes you think, and think leads to try to change what is wrong. After such long career do you see some change? Do you believe that someday it will happen?

Jan: Things are changing everyday. Big things and little things. It doesn't matter. Most
important is that things change to the good of all people, and not to the good of a select group of powermongers. Every little action is surely helpful to create at least a little change in this big wheel of society. In summer 2012, people at KOPI squat in Berlin, Germany, organized a benefitgig for political prisoners in Indionesia. We also played at this gig in Berlin. And there was quite some benefit to be given to Indonesia. To end the story, when we played in april this year in Indonesia, we met our friend who was in prison in Indonesia for 3 years and who was just released from prison. With a little help of the benefit money. And we were hanging out together all night ! That's amazing, I think. So every little action does make a change !

Some people can't understand the vegetarians/vegans. For you why is important to support vegan/vegetarian movement in a world full of meat and processed foods?

NILS: Well i think there are enough theories about why become vegetarians, so check out some documentaries, websites, zines etc. In our opinion it is important to spread the word to be aware about the massa consumption and slaughtering of animals. Also the way how animals got 'raised' and treated is really sick. For example the way how they make foie gras.
And i even didnt mentioned how animals got tortured and killed in slaughterhouses is really cruel. The meat industrie is builded on abusing animals just to get more money profit out of it.
If you like you can check some lyrics from our songs like; hormon mob, a start at least,...

(Intervier's note: Hormon Mob lyric:
Toxic meat - for you to eat
Hormons pushed - for greedy lust
Vannoppen did - fight this shit
Now he's dead - a bullet in his head
Stop the hormon mob
Killing for profit is their job
Chemical dish - is that what you wish ?
Steak and beef - from a mutant breed
For sick profit - you get sick meat
That's the mob - that's their job
Stop the hormon mob
Killing for profit is their job)

Napalm Death has the shortest song of the world. Have you ever thought about beating the record guiness of the largest discography?

Jan: No, that's not important, but many people ask this. We are happy that we have the opportunities to release our noise all over the world, all thanx to the big network of friends. We are really happy with all the support and respect we get. Thanx to this, we get the chance to see so many nice people and countries all over the world. And talking about discographies,check HAWKWIND for the largest discography, or MERZBOW. Both rule ! And about the "shortest song", for sure NAPALM DEATH does not hold the record. That's a myth. Check out old 7MON stuff or many other bands.

Any words to the people who is reading? Thanks for the interview.

NILS AND JAN AND KOEN: Thank you Curby for your neverending support of agathocles during the years and for giving us many opportunities.
And cheers to all people out there who support the DO IT YOURSELF ideology. Hope to meet many nice people at OBSCENE EXTREME. For sure TONY will be watching and having a laugh from above the clouds ! Make a change and live your own life ! MINCE CORE FOR ACTIVE MINDS.