THE KILL: Fast. Short. Loud.

Australia has a great extreme scene, we enjoyed the music of many aussie bands at OEF. But when we think of grindcore in its purest form, one name that undoubtly comes to our mind is The Kill. Borned in 2000 these psychos keep playing as fast as a human can be. There are releasing a new album Kill Them All, so it was the perfect time to interview them.

OEF: Fast interview for fast grindcore.
The Kill: THE KILL

OEF: Tell us about the new upcoming album KILL THEM ALL. The title says everything!
The Kill: The new album consists of 18 new “Abusive Aussie Anthems” and one Regurgitate cover. We say fuck Metallica… as no other words could describe this new KILL onslaught!

OEF: I imagine the new album as an unstoppable barrage of blast beats and furious riffing. How was the recording process?
The Kill: This album has much more of a punk approach! Personally I think it’s faster & nowhere near as clean as MAKE ‘EM SUFFER.
With still a handful of single pedal thrash metal & shit loads of blasts!!!!!!

As they describe in their facebook, “KILL THEM ALL is ...another lethal dose of typical relentless KILL style grind! With just over 28 minutes of destructive musical violence.” What a great way to describe themselves.

OEF: Violence Over Europe was the first time of THE KILL in the old continent, right? How good were those intense weeks of touring and drinking?
The Kill: Yes… & the best tour we’ve done & the best beer/Pivo! Fucking crazy wogs!!! Note: in Australia, the term 'wog' refers to residents of Mediterranean ethnicity or appearance, obviously as a term of friendship in this case.

OEF: The stupid question of the day. Have you ever thought to incorporate a bass in THE KILL?
The Kill: Never.

OEF: THE KILL has his baptism of fire in Trutnov, what did you enjoy most of this first time at Obscene Extreme?
The Kill: Just about everything!

OEF: Thanks for the interview! Thank you!

The interviewer: Frederico