Bolesno Grinje Interview

The Croatian grind core scene is not that well-known like the underground scenes in other countries. BOLESNO GRINJE is the proof. The reason is that from 2007 till now some band members were prohibited to enter EU countries. But in 2014 they want to bring back their sound to OEF 2014.

This grind core machine was founded by ex-members of the legendary Anti Otpad band and you can still feel some punk or crust tunes in their production. They have released a few full-length albums and this year they put out a brand new recording called simply „13“.

OEF: Hey guys, tell us more about the band! Why do you have that Grinje obsession?

Bolesno Grinje: The beginning of Bolesno Grinje was back in the year 2000, when two enthusiasts Hoc (Anti Otpad) and Rio (Desinence Mortification) started rehearsing with the idea to make something new on the Croatian underground scene. Soon they were joined by Angeri (SMC) on vocals and Mrki (Screaming Vagina) on guitars. Through this 14 years that the band exists the line up was changed twice. In 2002 Mrki left and Jule (Anti Otpad) replaced him on guitar, and in 2010 Rio left and Luze (Homo Homini Lupus) replaced him on the drums. Until now we recorded and released 5 albums, 1 split LP (with Sod ‘n’ dan), 1 split CD (with Mercenary Cockroach), and “Best of” LP for bands 13th anniversary.

About Grinje it’s not really an obsession, it’s more like something that we have started as a joke, but after we realized that it’s a good one and we need to carry it on. Hoc started to write songs about Grinje and if you look carefully on every album there’s at least one song dedicated to those microscopic creatures. In some way it became our stamp or brand, however you want to call it.

OEF: Have you got any plans for the future, maybe a new album?

Bolesno Grinje: Yes, we’re almost done with the recordings of our new (6th) full length! The plan is to release it on vinyl, and we hope that we’ll manage to release it before OEF! We are so excited about this new stuff because in our opinion it will be great album!

OEF: "13" album is a kind of fresh recordings from past songs. How did you choose the songs of "13"?

Bolesno Grinje:We choose those songs for “13” because those are the ones that we love the most. Those songs are usually played live. Of course, we wanted to put few more songs, but unfortunately there was no more space on 12” LP…

OEF: Croatian sounds really good in lyrics, unfortunately is difficult to understand what they are about. Could you please resume us lyrics on these songs?

Bolesno Grinje: Nož u leđa (Stabbed in the back)

Jebem ti posao (The job - fuck it!)

Uvijek problemi (Always problems)

Supernova budala (Brand new fool)

Generacija zajeb (Generation fuck up)

Noz u leđa (Stabbed in the back), Uvijek problemi (Always problems) and Generacija zajeb (Generation fuck up) are the songs about the place where we live, situations and the problems we’re facing in our society…

Jebem ti posao (The job – fuck it!) is a classic fuck off song…people should work for their own needs…the things that they like and the things they are into… Supernova budala (Brand new fool) is our view to “The great talent” TV shows where people are making the great morons of themselves.

OEF: Some of your members played in legendary band Anti Otpad. Are you planning to cover Anti Otpad songs at OEF 2014?

Bolesno Grinje:We have covered only one Anti Otpad song named “005”, maybe we will play it on OEF, we’ll see… For now we have no plan to cover more song from this legendary band.

OEF: What do you remember about your gig in OEF 2006?

Bolesno Grinje: We remember that the stage was huge and that crowd was crazy (as always). It was a great show and we had a really great time. Hope that this year it will be even better, we can’t wait to climb the OEF stage once again. What to say, OEF it’s the best Fest in the whole fucking world!

OEF: Some of your members couldn't enter in Europe countries. What happened with Croatia government? Are you still banned in some countries?

Bolesno Grinje: Our guitar player was banned from Italy and he got prohibition to entry the EU countries. It has nothing to do with Croatian government (but it sucks anyway!). Now Croatia is in EU, so we can finally play again in foreign countries. Except Italy for now...

OEF: There are some really good bands from Croatia, maybe starting with PATARENI, DESINENCE MORTIFICATION, KRLJA, and also very strange band DISLIKE. Which are your favourite bands from croatian scene?

Bolesno Grinje: The main founders of BOLESNO GRINJE, Hoc and Rio(ex drummer) are also members of DESINENCE MORTIFICATION, so we are very close. DISLIKE guys are really good friends of ours, we played a lots of crazy shows together…PATARENI are pioneers of grindcore…each band mentioned deserves respect!

OEF: Thank you guys, see you in OEF 2014!

Bolesno Grinje: Thanx to you, and yeah see you, it will be crazy!!!