WHORESNATION: Matraque! Matraque!

This insanely fast Frenchmen are one of the spearheads of grindcore in their country, with bands like Chiens, Filthy Charity, Doomsisters, etc. This guys has the insane number of 150 gigs in 4 years, a noisy and fast assault to Europe. Grindcore without frills. Harshness and power. Aggression and rage. And always with lyrics that do make sense. Grind is protest!

You did a great Europe tour with your comrades from Chiens. Which you consider the best shows on the tour?
Yeah we went for a 8 shows tour with the dudes from Chiens, it's hard to pick one highlight show in particular since all of them were awesome. First we got to see Chiens shredding everynight, we're some lucky bastards, then we met tons of friends everywhere and we got to discover some amazing bands such as Halitosis or Captain Caveman. Also we had super promoters on that tour and we had tons of weed in cz, so … the whole thing was great. If I really had to pick one I would say that the show in Krakow was amazing, we played with Final Exit, The Kill, Livstid … It was crowded, weed, booze, Andy everyday hate killed on that one !

What’s your stake on modern grindcore bands? Where do you see the future of this music?
According to me the scene is quite in a good shape actually, tons of great bands all arround the show, people seem also more interested in Grindcore these last years. I think we can observed some wave in the grindcore scene, new bands appear other disaspear, the scene is pretty alive. I remember the first I went to OEF in 2006 many great young band played, it's an endless renewal, that's why I'm not afraid for the future of Grindcore. Plus I mainly listen to old sleazy mincecore and grindcore, that style will never disapear, nothing really new will come up but blast beat will last forever. In France we have a lot going right now with bands such as Chiens, Warfuck, Doomsisters, Satan and so on.

I’m curious about the name of the band, what do you consider an example of Whoresnation?
Everybody is curious about that name haha … well first of all it's kind of a mistranslation, it means fucking nation or wicked nation, but it's open to interpretation and has several meaning, Mumia Abu Jamal wrote a text entitled whore nation that could offer other leads on the meaning for exemple. I guess every nations stands in the category «whoresnation » as far as we're concerned. Of course you can set an order but every nations are shit, with their political and economical interest, this name stands against all kinds of government.

Your latest effort, “Scum Will Reign” sounds more polished than your self-titled record. How was the recording process?
We'll we had less songs and more time for this one so we apply to make the best we could, maturity must have also played some rôle in the polishing of our music I guess. The process was pretty usual, Lop (guitar) and Chech (bass) came with riffs, Tonio (drums) brought the blast beat, I wrote most of the lyrics last minute as the other were recording. Michol from Chiens recorded us, we always worked with him so he kind of knows us now, he also really improved with years and we love the way he does his job. We recorded at Tonio's with one of our best friend, it's diy and full of love, what can I say ?

Where is your next goal with the band? Are you planning new records or splits?
We don't have particular goals, just touring and play. We'll be on tour in october together with Retardnation (Canada) for two weeks, that's the longest we ever did so looking forward to this ! Our next release will be a 3 ways split with Chiens and Dead Instrument (Danemark), then more wax until the end !

This is your space to express what you want to the readers and fans
Hey ! Oï ! Oï ! Listen to Grind, chill, think about the world, people. Peace, love and total fucking destruction.

Thanks for the interview!

The interviewer: Frederico