Jesus Cröst Interview

Note: We have this nice interview with JESUS CRÖST before they went dead. But we think is a good one with really interesting points. So grind and football fans be ready to hear the last words of JESUS CRÖST.

We are going to have a nice interview with football hooligans Jesus Cröst. The really look intimidating at the album covers but even more in their live shows. This guys will teach you a lesson in all the beautiful things of life: Powerviolence, Goregrind, Football, Noise!

OEF: Hello guys, tell us more about Jesus Cröst and the meaning of your numbers

Jesus Cröst: Jesus Cröstformed in 1996 and kept pretty low profile for quite some time. We evolved from a punk/crustcore band towards the grindcore/powerviolence act that we are today. We've been a duo from the very start and that will never change for sure. Since the middle of the 00-ies we started taking things more seriously; doing more shows, touring, recording our shit in decent studios and releasing it on proper labels.
Our songs nowadays have no meaning in itself. We used to write songs about 'big issues' like politics and the hardcore/punk scene, later on we wrote about what was personally important to us (football, energy drinks, women) and at this point we don't have actual lyrics anymore. The new songs are all a tribute to certain football players. The music is grindcore hooliganism.

OEF: Guys with every new release you sound tighter and faster than the previous recordings. What is the future for Jesus Cröst? New releases?Gigs?

Jesus Cröst: Thank you for the compliment! Our new album '1986' will be released around spring 2014. We recorded it last month at our favorite studio 'Die Tonmeisterei' in Germany. The album - which hopefully will be released on CD and LP simultaneously - will be a tribute to the World Cup 1986, which was the best tournament evah in history! It will feature songs like 'Claudio Caniggia' and 'Jorge Burruchaga'. Musically it will be a mixture of fastcore, powerviolence, grindcore, metal and slam death. Besides performing at OEF 2014, we will do a small tour in the U.K. and some shows in Germany as well. Maybe a special release show somewhere. We don't know which other Fests we will play in 2014 yet, but we are hoping for some good ones.

OEF: We all remember that incredible gig at OEF 2008. What fans can expect about this time at Obscene Extreme 2014?

Jesus Cröst: Thankx again! After finishing the mixing and mastering process of '1986', we will focuss on a fully renewed live set! It will contain the best (live) songs of our three latest (Tonmeisterei) albums. It will be powerful and fast!!

OEF: Why you decided to call your EP "Fuck Powerviolence... This Is Groovy Goregrind ". It's just a joke or you are really tired of PV scene?

Jesus Cröst: Well, actually it's both. Of course it's a joke with a lot of sarcasm and making fun of ourselves. It's also a reference towards the first Yacoepsae album. But at the same time we are serious, cause many people into fastcore/powerviolence take themselves too seriously disliking gore and porn grind. We like both! The EP is our version of gore/porn grind. For a 7inch release we try to do something different anyways. Like we did electronically recorded 'punkrock' on our split with the legendary Active Minds. We are influenced by many stylos and try to stay far away from releasing the same stuff each and every time.

OEF: We know you love football, so let's talk about it! In your opinion who'sgonna win the World Cup?

Jesus Cröst:Nice! It will probably be Brasil, but not because they are the best team. They've got the support from Nike and FIFA, and the home advantage, that's why. Spain will not be able to make it again. And I don't believe in Messi, because he is not Diego! Germany probably got the strongest team, but I would put my money on Brasil. But I don't like it! We don't support the Dutch national team by the way!

OEF: Which do you consider the Group Of Death: Group B (Spain, Chile, Australia, Holland) or Group D (Italy, Uruguay, Costa Rica, England)?

Jesus Cröst: The Group of Death must be D. Group B is not that strong, although the issue is that the number two will face Brasil and will therefor be eliminated. So only the number one of Group B will progress. In that sense it's also like a Group of Death haha. But what do you think of the group with Germany, Portugal and Ghana? This might well be the strongest group.

OEF: Which are your favourite football players / teams?

Jesus Cröst: My favorite club is AS Roma. I am a 'tifosogiallorosso' from Holland! The favorite club of my compagnon 13 is Dinamo Kiev. In Holland I support Feyenoord Rotterdam (season ticket holder). Also JC has much sympathy for smaller Rotterdam clubs Excelsior (me) and Sparta (13), although they are big rivals haha. This rivalry was the inspiration for the artwork on '010' (which is the regional code for hometown Rotterdam). My favorite player nowadays is Francesco Totti; the hero from my youth is Claudio Caniggia. 13 likesArtemMilevski and is a huge fan of players from the past like Protasov, Blochin and Rebrov.

OEF: Talking about hooligans, in Argentina we have LA 12, (number twelve player), very violent hooligans with government connections. We are curious about Hooligans in Europe, they've got such power and influence too?

Jesus Cröst: In Europe is a bit different I assume. The hardcore fans are not supported by the club owners, but they are enemies. Of course the 'ultras' have huge impact, like when they make opposition or protest. Generally the fans support the players, but hate the management of the clubs. They can put lots of pressure on players and coaches however, which can influence the decisions of the board. In Southern Europe is a little different, cause the fans are often official members ('socios') of the clubs. In that way they are also officially a force factor, because the presidents of the clubs are elected by the members. But in Northern Europe they just want us to spend our money and be silent. But in the end, we are the strongest faction anyways. And we are against modern football!

OEF: Let's do a ping pong of questions and answers:

OEF: Messi or Cristiano?

Jesus Cröst: Ronaldo!!!! He is the superior athlete, the better player. He is more decisive for his club, which has less brilliant players. Also he has proven himself for different clubs in different countries, where Messi has only been with one. I dislike Messi, he is a fuckin' midget. CR7 is the ultimate professional.

OEF: Maradona or Pele?

Jesus Cröst: I don't like to choose, but I would probably go for Powerviolence. But can't I just choose Grindcore?!

OEF: Napalm Death or Carcass?

Jesus Cröst: Napalm Death, but only the really old line-ups. 'Scum' is brilliant, a masterpiece. The second album was very solid too. But after that they became stale. The recent albums don't do anything for me. And they became the reason that the mighty mighty Righteous Pigs did split up... But N.D. was highly influencial. Now that I think of it, the exact same story goes for Carcass: two brilliant albums (first one raw and intense, second one more steady), but after that they lost it. But also Carcass have been highly influencial for the whole goregrind genre. Bothlegendarybands. Essential.

OEF: Thanks for the interview.