Machetazo Interview

MACHETAZO is a band from La Coruña (Galicia, Spain). Since 20 years they destroy eardrums with their extreme unmerciful death grind. The best way to celebrate so many years grinding is their new album, “Ruin”. That’s the main reason to interview Dopi, drummer and vocals of MACHETAZO.

OEF: MACHETAZO is celebrating 20 years of bloody history. Which are your best memories of these years?

Machetazo: Personally I have so many memories, especially from the tour we made in USA, in 2006.

OEF: The new album sounds so macabre and perverse as we could expect from you. ¿What inspire you to write so distressing songs?

Machetazo: At this time I believe we take the inspiration from ourselves most of the time.

OEF: How was the experience of recording a new album?

Machetazo:It was best than ever.

OEF: Spain has a great scene, with tremendous bands like LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER. ¿What do you think of the scene in your country?

Machetazo: : Like in every place, a handful of good bands, and tons of shit without sense.

OEF: We know that economy situation in Spain is not the best. Have you been affected by this crisis? What is the impact of this dramatic situation in the scene?

Machetazo:Yes, it affect us a lot, is difficult to find a job. In the scene people is going less to gigs and buys less discs than before, but I believe that this cause a beneficial impact thanks to the negativism and rage that this crisis brings into musicians minds.

OEF: Do you want to say something to your fans? Thanks for the interview… Death And Destruction!

Machetazo: See you at OEF! Thanks a lot, bye.