TWISTED TRUTH: Turning people into dust

It seems like every band in Czech Republic has its own personality, especially in grindcore. No human could define what is “Czech Grind ”thanks to the wide variety of freakery in this scene. Twisted Truth was one of the first acts in the nineties that represented the genre, but these guys add their own dose of strange humor, catchy songs and weird lyrics.

After a long time inactive they returned and they seem to be even in a better condition than they were during the last active period. If you dig into the freak vibe please don’t miss this guys, you are about to enter a new level of madness.

TWISTED TRUTH is kind of a misterious band, please guys, tell us more about the band members. How do you get together to play fast grind?
Regards to faraway Argentina… (Note: I, the interviewer I`m from Argentina) well, we are not that mysterious : ) but let me introduce us. For some time, our line-up has been settled on three members, which means: Vana- guitar, Kana- bass, vocals and Bella-drums and vocals. We’ve played grindcore together according to our conviction and because we just love this unique underground style of music and we’ve had a whale of a time doing so….

You were very active in the nineties, what do you remember of these early times? How Czech scene has evolved?
Yeah, that’s true. Things were going on pretty well for us in the 90’s because there were just a few bands like us, so we played gigs everywhere and also recorded and released a lot of material. But then, the band just went to a standstill which was our fault and the scene continued to evolve quite well, unfortunately without us… We’ve been trying hard to catch up again since then and we hope it was not in vain and that we’ve managed to succeed in this at least a bit.

Czech Republic has a great grind scene, which are your favourite bands from the country?
I’d say that we’d all agree on the best band and that would be a long-standing act called Ingrowing…then also But and other such bands from South Bohemia that really rule, together with stylistically different but not less great bands like Gride or Lahar. I’d say that we generally prefer grindcore in its pristine form…

TWISTED TRUTH music is sometimes really strange, the titles of songs, music and art are shocking in a strange way. Generally speaking, what are the lyrics about?
Yes, we really have fun making all that mess and it is also a great way for us to unwind. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and we don’t really fight against anything or something like that… That’s why the titles of the songs are for example about why they display soups in supermarkets at eye level and other things like that, ha ha ….

You enjoy a lot playing live, for you what's the best thing about live shows?
Of course the best thing is when there are some mad fans staggering below or jumping around and going crazy and when the sound engineer makes some effort to get the sound clear. Then the bliss reaches its climax…

There was a lot of people waiting you to close Obscene Extreme 2014 (including myself). Tell us about this crazy experience!
Man, I wish every musician could have that experience. I still can’t get it out of my head. It’s just such a special occasion and Obscene Extreme 2014 will stay engraved in gold in the history of our live performances. At first, we were a bit afraid because of the late time we were supposed to play, but now we like to claim that it could not have been better …The people responsible for the quality of the sound were just amazing, so were the stage staff. They all did such a great job at 3 o’clock in the morning??!! We really had not expected that. We just had thought that we would be once again just another last band but the team around Curby just did great … And then the reaction of the fans! The fact that so many of them stayed up- it was just a genuine orgasm… Thanks a lot Curby!!!

Do you want to add something?
Thanks so much for your interest and if you like our music I can just add that we’ve been to a studio recently to record some new stuff which will be hopefully out soon… We still hope to frequently play live gigs and we might go on tours to England and Poland etc.-it’s still being negotiated. Thanks again for your questions! Kana and Twisted Truth

Thanks for the interview!

Questions: Frederico