Master Interview

We are really excited to interview Mr. Paul Speckmann, bassist and leader of Death Metal legend Master. Master is one of those bands that come to mind when you think about early days in Death Metal. Paul is always near the underground scene and his bands, especially Master and Death Strike, inspired entire generations to approach the most brutal sounds.

Master means classic and raw Death Metal with a real message: we live in a controlled existence, our society is corrupted and we are manipulated by this system since the beggining of our lives until our death. To escape this vicious cycle we have to become masters of our own lives. There is no doubt that Master history and attitude made it deserve a place in Obscene Extreme, so we hope you enjoy this interview.

OEF: Paul , you're a legend in extreme metal scene and is an honor for me to do thisinterview , thank you. Could you tell us more about the new album "The Witchunt"?

Paul: Well, the album was recorded once again in my favorite and the most relaxed atmospehere at Shaark Studios in Bzenecalong side Pavel and Petr as always. The recording was done in 5 days as time is of the essence when recording.

OEF: You are taking a relatively short time between records, what inspires you to compose that much?

Paul: The world around us is and has always been the greatest influence. We live in a so-called organized society dominated by control freaks. The governments across the globe are trying to gain the trust of the people whilst secretly imposing more rules and regulations to dictate the way we should live and this is just simply wrong. The time has come for a global revolution. The youth of today need to get organized and remove the puppeteers from power!

OEF: Master is more active than ever, touring a lot and recording good albums, do you think this is the best moment of the band?

Paul: I never really look back so yes the current time is the most successful time for Master. Perseverance and belief in the band have certainly brought us to a bigger level and we will continue with the direction! If a band wishes to be recognized for it virtues then it must bring the music to the masses live as often as possible. Of course we are happy again to play Obscene Extreme, one of my favorite festivals in the world, thanks for this!

OEF: Some of your fans were really young (myself too) when Master striked the underground scene. For first listeners it turns instantly in a classic. I'm curious about the response that Master has in the younger audience.

Paul: These days a whole new generation of younger people are getting the chance to listen to the band with the help of Curbyand all the other cool festivals we get a chance to play ever few years. So yes the younger kids are finally discovering the roots of the Metal genre. Is apparent that the new generation are visiting Master shows in greater number sso the future looks good.

OEF: Something that amazes me is the perseverance and hard work you do to keep Master alive in difficult times. What gives you strength in those moments?

Paul: The energy of the innerself is the most important thing followed by the support of my wife, the band members and of course the fans. Where there is a will, there is a way!

OEF: We are happy to see Master again in Obscene Extreme 2014. What memories do you have of that fantastic set at Obscene Extreme 2010?


OEF: Can you tell us something about your book Speckmann - The Underground Survivor? Where we could find it?

Paul: The book will be available in February through as well as many other outlets. This is a pictorial book and focuses on my career from the humble beginning until the last tour with Onslaught, as well as a few anecdotes and stories. It's a must for a Speckmetal fan!

OEF: What's your opinion on Internet and sites like Soundcloud or Bandcamp . Do you think that this sites really help to spread music?

Paul: Sure but as I always say, go ahead and download an album, but if you like the band and recording then please buy an actual physical piece as the bands have to eat and survive too!

OEF: : A recurring theme in your lyrics are the perverse instruments used to controlled our society, like politics, propaganda, media and religion. Do you think something changed since the beginning of Master? Or do these instruments just continue their influence?

Paul: Sure, things have gotten worse therefore I need to continue to spread my message and hope someone gets organized and makes a change or the changes to live in a truly free society. When was the last time you flew from Schipol airport to New York for example, you have to get into the Tardis directly from Doctor Who for the full body scan as well as the retina scan. Science fiction is continually becoming reality as they work on greater control. The governments and the police are on a Witch hunt for any person who looks or acts different these days as well as anyone who disagrees with their so-called ideology. They are subject to search and seizure.

OEF: Master openly criticizes the United States, and their definition of justice, freedom and equality. Does this cause you trouble playing in the USA?

Paul: No, I have played 34 dates in the USA this past March and will tour the USA in April and May 2014.

OEF: I'm curious about your life during these years in the Czech Republic. Which are your favorite Czech bands?

Paul: , Pandemia and Fleshless are among my favorites at the moment,

OEF: Paul thank you for this interview , I hope to see you play in Argentina and in Obscene Extreme 2014 , I'm sure it will be a huge grind party!