Japan is maybe the noise capital of the world. Deep in the japanese underground there's an evil force, let me introduce you the noise commando called Sete Star Sept. The meaning of 7S7? It's a term taken from Japanese Pachinko.

The origin of the name is "7 star 7". It's no meaning."Sete" in Portuguese and "Sept" in French mean Seven. Be ready, Sete Star Sept will be destroying our minds on OBSCENE EXTREME 2013.

How did the band started? It's better for you being a two piece formation?

Kiyasu: i started SETE STAR SEPT in 2004 as noise band then changed style for grindcore.few years later in 2009, we changed line-up to 2 piece vocals/bass and drums. then the band's sound became noisy raw grindcore. sometime people called our sound like "noisegrind" and "harsh grind".

Your recordings and shows are massive display of energy, what inspires you to be on berzerker mode all the time? What we can expect of 7S7 at OBSCENE EXTREME 2013?

Kiyasu: Feedback noise makes me berzerker mode all the time. Noise is my fuel. We'll play fast and loud is like everyone can not understand as possible as i can.

How did this recent tour at OEF Asia and OEF Australia come about?

Kiyasu: We've played OEF Australia. it was simply AWESOME!! we've met great people and lot of cool bands!!!

Japan is an obscure chest of noise grind treasures, What other bands do you recommend us?

Kiyasu: "Robochenman"

Kae: "ONIKU"

Which is your favourite record of your discography?

Kiyasu: "All is wrong" is my favorite one.

Kae: "Gero me"

How fast and loud is the future for Sete Star Sept?

Kiyasu: I just keep thinking about how to play more fucked up song for future.

Kae: I want to do expression the violence is not a movement.

A last word for fans? Thanx for the interview.

Kiyasu: Keep extreme and check our fucking noise!!!

Kae: see you in a venue. SETE STAR SEPT!!!!