Final Exit Interview

Great news! We interview japanese duo FINAL EXIT.Since 1994 this guys creates no mercy blasting grind noise, suitable for freaks. Noisier and faster than ever, they are ready to party with us in their 20 year anniversary in 2014! The answers are short, fast and loud, so no more words needed. Just read and don’t think! BLEAAAUUURGHH!!!!

OEF: Please, tell us a little about Final Exit. How do you started to play raw chaotic noise grind?

FxEx: Hi,Curby! Originally's band which I made with professional school classmate in 1994. But, it was the feeling that we were doing shortcut Grind songs or rather noiseat that time. We got to use the noise in late 1994~early 1995.

I was listening to grind,grind/noise and deathmetal underground from earlier than it. Former members did not know underground bands, I felt that Iinstilled many bands for them.

OEF: You will celebrate the 20th anniversary in 2014. Did you ever imagine to play extreme noise so many years

FxEx: think we were followed by what I've done to one's own pace without thinking. haha!

OEF: is your favourite release from your discography?

FxEx:My best is “Seasons are going and going…” 3” CD on Rage for ALL. ‘coz it’s 2nd best (s)Hit of us,I think!

OEF: Your shows are really intense, explosions of grinding noise. What is going on your minds in such chaos?

FxEx: I just spit out the daily stress without thinking. haha!

OEF: I'm curious about people reactions on your live shows.

FxEx:People are laughing pretty is often.

OEF: Have you ever thought to incorporate more members again?

FxEx:No. It is easy variously's two people, and we were familiar with this formation. But there are that we think If we have one more guitarist when making a song.

OEF: Which are your favourite noise acts in Japan?

FxEx:I do not know much about the noise... I think Hijyoukaidan amazing in collaboration with people (not thenoise) variety.

and I recommend them :

Naoki Nomoto :

scum :

They are members of my new project named “unconscious disharmonic malfunction”.

They create great noise!!!!!

OEF: Do you want to say something to your fans? Thanks for this interview!

FxEx:Enjoy OEF without thinking and spit out the daily stress!

Thanx a lot Curby!!!!!