Gutalax Interview

Attention freaks! These coprophage heroes have grown a lot since their last show at OEF 2012. Tthey make dance the world, with massive tours from Mexico to Russia, and they are coming back to our festival to destroy the stage and spread confetti and shit everywhere… so be careful … Gutalax is coming to Trutnov… yay!

OEF: You are touring everywhere, from Mexico to Moldava, spreading excrements worldwide. Which where your favourite shows in this tour? Do you expect to cause such global impact?

Gutalax: First, thank you for interwiew :). In each country, it is something beautiful I can't tell where is the best place . Each concert is an big experience for us, It does not matter whether it is somewhere more people, more moshpit and so. Each place had its charm !!! Every time and everywhere organizers took care of usreally great ( full confort :) ).every time we saw beautiful places and monuments of their countrys and each time it was a huge party :D.

OEF: Your shows attract a bizarre crowd. Do you remember some special character from the tours?

Gutalax: Yeeees, i konw and i like this :D. I enjoy when fans, specially for our gigs, bring confetti and with the first tone of the guitars clubs are amended in the Child´s Carnival :D. True is, on each tour had many bizarre and fun experiences, with fans, with normal people there, with cars, with band members, you know this - before gig, durning a gig and, of course, especially after the gig :D I remember the random encounters with friends from Jig-Ai in Mexico City ( We were friends for many years, and random, we met in the same hotel on the other side of the globe ). The reunion ended with a big party at our hotel room with guys from Into Sickness and with our mexico promothers...the whole night had turned into wilderness.

OEF: After so intense touring how do you feel about smelling each other farts 24 hours? That inspires you to write more songs?

Gutalax:We each know our rectal fragrance, therefore, we have to look elsewhere for inspiration. Send me in pet-bottle your creation and we fold up the song about you !!!

OEF: You have the luck to open Obscene Extreme 2012, an extremely fun show. What do you remember of that show?

Gutalax: Ohh fuck man, it was the best show for us ever ! EVER !!! OEF is best festival !!! It was a dream come true for us and when I saw the moshpit under the stage, at that moment, I was on top of the tops :).

OEF: You have a concentrated fetish with excrements, where does it come from?

Gutalax:Sorry to disappoint you now...We love purity...we are only posers…I am sorry to the pure fans of the Gutalax, true is hard

OEF: Do you want to say something for all the freaks waiting for Gutalax at Obscene Extreme?

Gutalax: First of all- fucking a lot looking forvard !!!! Fulfill a dream twice in a lifetime is simply divine :-). Get ready for a good portion of disco, confettis nad SHITS !!!! :-) We love you our friends of the OEF !!!!