Chiens Interview

A peaceful sleeping dog was responsible for the name of one of the faster, insanely aggressive grindcore bands from France. Chiens are ready to fill the battlefield with fast blast beats, loud screaming and frenetic riffing. What more an OEF fan could need?

OEF: Tell us the history behind CHIENS. How do you join together to play fast extreme music?

Chiens: As we always said, Sacha and Me(Michol) are friends since a very long time, playing together since highschool. After playing in a brutal death metal band we had to play something faster and funnier!

OEF: In these times when we are shorter of active grind bands, you remain one of the few forces playing fast and loud. How did your band started?

Chiens: We're playing since 2009 now, i don't' think we are one of the few forces There is a l ot of very good band, The Afternoon Gentlemen, Whoresnation, Dead Instrument...

OEF: How did you choose the name of the band?

Chiens: We started the band as a 4 pieces band with Tonio (ex blockheads/dhibac) at 2nd guitar, and the first singer was Le Crabe (Nancy rap deviant). Michol and me would like to make fast music, we played together in a Brutal death metal band 8 years ago which was called GORO. We played in several others bands like Hardcore, death metal... Jubs played in Herpes De Crachat de Fillette (Grind from Besancon FR).
After the first cheap demo-cd, we still had no name, and Michol don't hesitate when he saw his dog who slept during mixing session. Nothing else.

OEF: You can find all of your records for free in bandcamp. Why did you choose to hace your discography for free?

Chiens: Grind is not a business. We just want to share for free our stuff when as soon as possible.

OEF: Waiting for your songs? What do you expect in this new OEF edition?

Chiens: OEF 2011 was our first "big show" experience, was fun, but honestly we prefer playing in small stinky venue, even if oef stinks a lot sometimes. What do we expect? Don't miss ACxDC show, nothing else. Being drunk and high as fuck maybe.

OEF: France has a really nice extreme scene, so this is a tough one. Name your top 3 extreme bands from your country.



OEF: We want more CHIENS! When is it coming the Split with Lycanthropy? Any new LP in the near future?

Chiens: : The split just released few weeks ago, we'll bring it for the tour with Whoresnation for sure, we're glad to share this piece with Lycanthrophy Fastcore heroes! We also made a split live tape with SixBrewBantha

Thank you!!!