Captain Cleanoff Interview

Australia: a land of desert, sun and harsh environment. Maybe the tough ecosystem is the main reason of brutality overdose in their bands. Aussies know how to do good grind and Captain Cleanoff is no exception. You can smile with their song titles but when grinding time arrives you are going to be crushed by a bulldozer. Real fucking grindcore.

Hey guys, how are you doing? I was really excited when I read about a new record coming. What can you tell us about this split?

We have a few things that should be out for OEF, there's a split ep with war of the second dragon, the split ep with the Kill and with any luck we should have the new album in tow.

You've been doing this for so long! Tell us a little about your story. How did you come up with your band name?

Ben (vocals) and Adrian (ex guitar) started in '95 in their home town of mt Gambier when they were still in high school. They moved to my home town, Adelaide in '97 that's when Heath (ex drums) joined.

Myself, and Anand(ex bass) shortly after. Murray (drums) joined in 2000 and we have had pretty much the same line up since with the exception of Jason PC (ex bass) and Kev who is currently playing bass. Just to confuse things a bit more we will have a different bass player for this tour. The name means to be the drunkest person at the party...

Pretty apt for OEF.

Captain Cleanoff is a well oiled grinding machine. How do you get inspired to make tons of songs without losing your sense of humour?

We have always been surrounded by a lot of really awesome grindcore bands like The Kill, Fuck I'm dead, Bloodduster so it's hard not to be inspired when you get to see all these bands all the time.

"Symphonies of Slackness" it's a ridiculously good album, did you imagine such good reception in scene?

We are always surprised when we get such positive feedback. I guess we just try to make the best album we can it is a bonus if people like it.

Australia has a small but great extreme scene so the next question is difficult. What's your top 5 aussie bands?

That's tough I would say The Kill is easily my favourite but it is hard to pick a top five when there are so many really good bands around.

The band fits perfectly with OBSCENE EXTREME madness, what can we expect of this new adventure of Captain Cleanoff at OEF 2013?

We had a ball in 2009 so we really want to outdo it this time.

The hotel was our off site party place so to all the bands expect more kegs and bbqs.

A few words to the fans?

Put the beer in the fridge and fire up the BBQ!

Really looking forward to catching up with everyone again

Thanks for the interview!