The Kill Interview

THE KILL music could be defined as fast and unrelentless sound explosions, but still falls short to display the brutality of their noise. These Australians are ready to play fast for the first time at OEF stage. Be ready Obscene Extreme, THE KILL are coming to grind Europe!!!

OEF: Tell us the history behind THE KILL. How do you join together to play fast extreme music?

The Kill: Well we all share the same interests, we all met each other at shows through friends at different stages of our lives & yeah somehow we all hooked up. Jay & I were originally in Open Wound back in the 90's...We've been jam'n for years! Nik (FreshFace) came into the scene a little later , thanks to Christoph Winkler who always said we should try out Nik/ SUPER FUN HAPPY SLIDE on vocals... Eventually we did & yeah.... Basically 3 angry wimps all sharing the same passion!

OEF: KILL is ready to strike Europe, what do you expect of this tour?

The Kill: A lot of travelling, drinking, shit food & no showers…. Annoying Curby & meeting grind poins the otherside of the world. Showing them Australian Grindcore!!!

OEF: We already know Australia has an amazing extreme scene. Which are in your opinion the top 3 extreme bands of Australia?

The Kill: Hard question…I can’t answer, too many good bands have come & gone over the years!

OEF: You have many splits in your discography, with known names like CAPTAIN CLEANOFF, ANTIGAMA and NOISEAR. A tough question, which one of all your splits is your favourite and why?

The Kill: I think BIRDFLESH would be my favourite, cause at that time of my life I was so into their music! NIGHT OF THE ULTIMATE MOSH was on my stereo everyday for a year!! Still to this day they’re incredible, even without Hampus…. Ha!

OEF: THE KILL is full power, straight to the face blasting grindcore. What's in the future of the band?

The Kill: More BLAST as fuck GRINDCORE … It’ll never change!

OEF: Do you want to say something to your fans? Thanksfor the interview!!!

The Kill: 2014 KILL - full length CD/LP hopefully ready for the Euro tour…. 19 explosions!!!!