Haemorrhage Interview

Attention Czech Republic, it is time to close the morgue. Haemorrhage comes to loot Czech hospitals, they are hungry for fresh corpses. Be careful, if you are not on their side you will be cordially invited to go to OBSCENE EXTREME 2013 ... in a body bag...

Fernando: An absolute pleasure to return again with Haemorrhage to Trutnov to greet all the friends we have in Czech lands and other nationalities of course. The Trutnov Morgue is ready for a new slaughter.

You made fans go crazy at OEF with a good dose of gore and human remains a couple of times. What can fans expect at this new set?

Fernando: We will try to please Haemorrhage fans and have a bit of all our works published to date. We'll start taking a look at our last album for Relapse Records, Hospital Carnage ... and continue with 1-4 songs from each Haemorrhage album . It is very difficult to choose songs to please all fans, but we'll try to make the most significant songs appear in the track listing for the set.

After a long career you sign with Relapse Records. Do you believe that this is the best moment for Haemorrhage?

Fernando: A long time ago Relapse Records America was interested in Haemorrhage, but our friends in Morbid Records gave us their support always and never wanted to leave them. Finally our German friends could not continue and now we are delighted to belong to the most powerful American label in the world. A greeting to friends on Relapse Records, we are going to continue with them in the future if still interested in Haemorrhage, we love your work and I love all the old groups that were part of their origins ... The first discs of Amorphis, Incantation,General Surgery ...... what I can say? My dream come true.

Is it true that Relapse provided you with enough fresh corpses for experiments as part of the deal?

Fernando: Of course, you're absolutely right and your information is correct. We have an agreement between Spanish and American Customs and Border Protection to let us deal with 666 corpses per year funded by Relapse Records .. ajajajajaja

We were taken by surprise with a punk covers album, "Punk Carnage". We we'll hear some of these songs in the set?

Fernando: Punk has always been very close to us and we wanted to pay our tribute to the bands that filled us with good memories in the past. Of course I'll talk to Haemorrhage to play a song of Punk Carnage for the afternoon / evening of Saturday Obscene 2013.

Sometimes the gore genre is limiting and also is saturated with generic bands. It is difficult for you to compose new music or the gore obsession makes the things easier?

Fernando: Luisma has always ideas related with Gore and always finds a pretext to continue extending the Haemorrhage EVIL in each work. Let him continue with their blood mental destruction!

Do you want to say something to the fans?

Fernando: Please, I want to see you all on Saturday at 20:00 at Trutnov Battlefield ......... SICK SICK SICK!!!!!

Thanks for the interview