VIRULENCY - Myriapod Constructology – Part I – The Inception


VIRULENCY, kteří pocházejí ze severního Španělska, vám předvedou zvukový masakr plný technické death metalové agrese. VIRULENCY, s bývalými členy INTERNAL SUFFERING, jsou nabiti rychlostí rovnající se hurikánu a technickou zručností, jakou se mohou pochlubit taková jména jako DEFEATED SANITY, GORGASM a CRYPTOPSY.     

Pod hlavičkou New Standard Elite Records vydali v roce 2016 svou prvotinu 'The Anthropodermic Manuscript of Retribution' a letošní léto stráví na turné jeho propagací. Nepromeškejte tuhle brutální mašinu.


Hailing from the north of Spain, VIRULENCY is a four-piece Brutal Death metal act with no other intention to provide an intense stab of brutality. After a first recording in 2011,  they reach an agreement with respected Spanish brutal death metal labels Pathologically Explicit Recordings and Grotesque Productions  to release their debut MCD "Unbearable Martyrdom Landscapes" in 2012. This release was distributed in the United States by Sevared Records and its artwork  done by Remy C. of Headsplit Design (Mumakil, Katalepsy). The album achieved excellent reviews all over the world. 

In 2013 the band released a two-song promo called "Virulent Promo 2013" and shot a clip for their track "Immeasurable Gigantomastic Phenomenology", and started as well to play their first shows with Defeated Sanity (Ger) or Carnivorous Voracity. 

One year later, Asier Badiola (ex – Internal Suffering) joins VIRULENCY as new guitar player and full-time member, playing at the well-known  Catalonian extreme music festival Move Your Fucking Brain along with legendary acts such as Incantation (USA), Vulvectomy (Italy), Antaeus (France) or Nominon (Sweden), at Madrid Deathfest (Internal Suffering (COL), Incinerate (USA), etc) and Euskal Assault (Cancer (UK), Benighted (FRA), Sinister (HOL), etc. 

In late 2014-2015, ‘The Anthropodermic Manuscript of Retribution’ album was recorded at Asier Badiola’s owned Tempus Studios, taking mixing and mastering duties Sasha Borovykh at Tsun Tsun Productions… (Cerebral Effusion, Inherit Disease, Embodied Torment etc...), and it was released on 28th February by New Standard Elite. 

This conceptual opus was assembled artwork of the Russian illustrator Andrew Tkalenko, best known for his work at Daemorph Evil Art (The Black Dahlia Murder, Cephalotripsy, 7 H.Target, Epicardiectomy, etc) and consisting of eight relentless hymns that every Brutal Death metal fan must not miss, unleashing a sick dose of unmerciful, crushing and virulent sonic retributions, drawing up a wide musical orgy, packed with severe and ruthless blastbeats, violent yet fiercy riffages, dynamic fretless bass guitar lines and a great spectrum vocal-wise, ranging from low-gutturals to predator vokills and contains guest appearances by two of the sickest vocalist of the genre , such as Paolo Chiti (Devangelic, Ex – Putridity) and Konstantin Lühring (Despondency, Revulsed, Ex – Defeated Sanity).  

During this year as well, Fabio ‘Dr. Grinder’ Ramirez (ex – Internal Suffering) jois VIRULENCY as a new drummer.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2016 The Anthropodermic Manuscript of Retribution
2013 Virulent Promo
2012 Unbearable Martyrdom Landscapes EP
2011 Promo


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