CANCEROUS WOMB - Menstrual Fryup


Smícháním death metalu a extrémního grindcoru vytvářejí svou vlastní mutaci naštvaného, krví nasáklého technického death grindu. Výpověď Cancerous Womb z Velké Británie nenechává nikoho na pochybách. Na pódiích po celém světě se potkali s kapelami jako Napalm Death, Carcass, Origin, Defeated Sanity a dalšími hvězdami. CW mají dobré ucho na chytlavé ale náročné songy, které uspokojí příznivce death metalu, grindcore, punku i thrashe.      

CW, kteří mají na svém kontě 3 nahrávky, dosahují neustále větších a větších úspěchů a v současné době pracují na své další nahrávce u Rising Nemesis Records. Poslechněte si jejich poslední album 'Born of a Cancerous Womb' jako ochutnávku masakru, který na vás čeká.  


Cancerous Womb are a Death Metal / Grind quartet from Edinburgh, that deliver a mixture of Modern Death Metal, Old-School Grind & Thrash with a slime of Progressive-Technical influence. With catchy and creative passages, coupled with an unconventional approach to song structures & an intensely honed live sound, Cancerous Womb captivate audiences with a refreshingly lethal yet highly accessible styling of original Extreme Death Metal.

Cancerous Womb was the brainchild of guitarist Mike, originally conceived as an online instrumental project in 2005, which never actually materialised. Between '06 & '07, Mike & close friend Chris Lewis (original vocalist) recorded a number of rough tracks which included ideas and titles that would later evolve into the first full tracks written and performed as a band. After releasing these initial fledgling recordings online it was then decided that things should be taken more seriously. Cancerous Womb was officially born during the latter stages of 2008 when Mike and Chris recruited Paul Cook on drums to facilitate the new live direction. Since then we've been writing and 'perfecting' our current setlist whilst gigging/touring modestly. Joe Mortimer was enrolled fulltime on Bass in Autumn 2011 and 'Bernard' took over on vocals in March 2015.

We aim to achieve more and more momentum as time goes on. The bestial sound of CW is shaping nicely and so grows our passion in performing and writing.

So far we've shared the stage and toured with a huge array of fantastic bands, completed a half dozen full UK tours, as well as perform across Europe and Scandinavia. We released our debut 3 track 'Austrian Basement' EP in December 2009, which is available to download for free at our Bandcamp page in its entirety: http://cancerouswomb.bandcamp.com/

In February 2011 we recorded 2 tracks which are available as part of 'Split Roast'; A 5-Way UK Extreme Metal Split with 4 other excellent bands - Released on 23rd May 2011 on Condate Records.

Our debut album 'Born Of A Cancerous Womb' was released on February 24th 2014 on both Grindscene Records & Rising Nemesis Records. Recorded @ Chambers Studio, Edinburgh and mastered by Allan Douches @ West West Side Studios, New York & is available to order from our Bandcamp page:https://cancerouswomb.bandcamp.com/merch


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2014 Born of a Cancerous Womb
2011 Split Roast
2009 Austrian Basement EP


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