SEMEN Mexico

SEMEN - Sex Appeal Madness


Když něco pochází z Mexika, můžete si být jisti minimálně třemi věcmi. Buďto to bude fest štípat, nebo to bude nebezpečné, nebo to bude řádný hudební extrém. Při této partičce chvála satanovi platí třetí možnost a to jsme všichni moc happy. Kapela svou aktivitou týrá posluchače již od roku 2004 a patří k tomu nejkvalitnějšímu hudebnímu extrému, co Mexiko nabízí. Jedná se o směsku death metalu a gore grind.


Když si představíte takovou srážku DEVOURMENT, MORTICIAN a LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY, vyjde vám, co cca produkují SEMEN. Jelikož SEMEN patří k první vlně mexické gore scény, má na kontě kromě několika split nahrávek i dvě full cd. Představili se už na mexické verzi OEF a právě nastal ten správný čas, aby přišli na naše bojiště.


Late 90´s in Mexico the underground music scene was taking a loop of new genres; the death and black metal bands was the most and the need for something fresh and mostly extreme was an urge into the crowd likeness. A few bands was borning with a new message and a brand new sound  mixing the escence of grindcore with hints of gore and porn. Bands like Oxidised Razor, Paracoccidioidomicosis…, Hipermenorrea, Hol-a-Wit, were rising and the goregrind scene in Mexico began calling atention into the extreme metalheads worldwide. Hol-a-Wit, was one of the most brutal and raw goregrind of that time, and its members Saúl (vocals), Joel (drums) and Luisa (guitars) were members of bands like Daemonum, Real Animal and Gilgamesh. After some years playing, touring and recording Hol-a-wit finally split in early 2002. Joel and Saúl decided to continue playing but now in a new side proyect and they invited Koxynilla (ex Teratogeny) a new guitar player to get the line up complete and create SEMEN. The true sickness and extreme blasting noise in the sound and lyrics of the band became to get into the like of the mexican grindfreak crowd, and soon the first EP “Depósitos de Semen”  was released by the american label Half Life Recs. in 2004.   The path of  SEMEN was given and the band continue touring and playing at some mexican grind festivals and finally release the first LP “An Intense Experience Molesting Corpses With Fetid Stench” under the mexican label American Line. That release was the band´s debut in the international audience because of the distibution of it in so many countries worldwide; meanwhile the band were suffering several line up changes such as the inclusion of Pandro (Porno Infantil) as a bass player, and Israel (Cadaveric Internal Rot) in the vocals, this  very line up doesn´t  took so long to split at the end of 2007, and early 2008 the rest of the members decided to take a pause and finally the drummer Joel decided to left SEMEN.   Saúl was temporary out of the band to grow some new proyects like Putrescence, and a tour management agency Que Maniaco! Prods., and finally in late 2008 returns to SEMEN; the band continue looking for a drummer, but it was in early 2009 when an old friend of them Micke (ex Porno Infantil, Evil Poetry) applied for an audition, and the results was 3 brand new songs in a two hours rehearsal, keeping the brutal escence of the band but adding a new hints of other extreme genres.   The band was back but unfortunately due to some different opinions about the sound of the band Pandro decided to leave . The way of SEMEN and the new line up wich was really similar than the one in the beginning (vocals guitar, drums) continue playing and recording brand new songs with a fresh new  extreme style. Soon they release a live recording split with mexican goregrind band Fecalizer  under the label Gore Cannibal Recs. and the band continued playing shows very often with some live collaborations with Iván (ex War Mind, Putrescence) and he decided to join the band in early 2011.   Since then SEMEN began to participate in more important festivals with international bands in 2013 they played at OEF America, in 2014 in some festivals in El Salvador and Honduras, but finally in 2015 the band travel to give a tour over Europe to distribute and play ther last LP “Coprophilic Infectious Process” released under the mexican label Helvete Recs (2014), and also to make some recording sessions in Low B Recs. Germany for an upcoming split release with S.R.O.M.   In the Europe tour, shows like Morbide Festspiele, Arschcholio, Sere Pes, STP Metal Weekend, Brutologos the crowd was fucking sick and the band leave the way for another future tour. At this moment the band still on feet and active, recording songs for some compilations, splits and making new songs for a new upcoming release in 2016. Just as SEMEN says: it´s just sick noise to fuck nasty for insane people, and it doesn´t  matter if you are a punk, a blacker, thrasher, grinder or whatever……everybody fucks!    


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2010 Disminución De La Masturbación Con Carne Putrefacta
2006 An Intense Experience Molesting Corpses With Fetid Stench
2004 Depositos de semen


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