TIBOSITY - Associacio de Tibosos Antivegans


Ze slunečného Španělska nám hnusáci, jménem TIBOSITY, přivezou pořádnou dávku hopsavého goregrindu. Kapela je aktivní od roku 2005 a na svém kontě mají dvě full CD. Přičemž o jejich debut se postaral český Bizzare Leprous Prod. a novinka vyšla u domácího Xtreem Music.  

Pravě nová nahrávka ukázala, že kvalita této sebranky šla rapidně nahoru, takže nastal ten správný čas, aby nás o tom přesvědčili i živě. Mix těžkotonážní riffů a kurevsky nemocných vokálů, to je přesně to, čeho na deskách OEF nikdy není dost!!!


The curiosity of Roger P. about the so-called tibosity fact started back in 2005 when absolutely unaware of that, he entered a Mc Donald’s restaurant for first time in his life. From this point he started an intense fieldwork research in order to set the theoretical principles of the tibocalypse. Between the months of November and December of 2009 Roger P. spent about four weeks at the house of Roger S., in the deepest outskirts of the Barcelona area, with no other intention other than producing simple and crushing sounds based on his tibosic theories and inspired by the Mc Donald’s environment. Surrounded by beer and snacks they commenced a massive ingestion and deglutition of saturated fats that guided them on the process of developing the songs that later on shaped up the track list for the very first album of TIBOSITY. Both Rogers where at that time members of the gore grind Catalan act PESTA PORCINA, holding the duties of bass player and vocalist respectively. In order to give birth to their first opus they recruited Roger B., INFECTED FLESH’s Alma matter, to overtake the guitar duties in the new born band. By 2010 the album was fully recorded, engineered and mixed by Roger B., its name was “Sweet Home Carbonara” and it was released by the Czech label Bizarre Leprous Production on 2011. A few festivals and shows followed the releasing of the first full length CD, sharing stages with well known bands like AVULSED or SINISTER.  

On autumn 2014 Roger P. and Roger B. met up to have some beers and snacks and discuss about the end of the world…and obviously a whole bunch of brand new fat-based musical ideas came up. They just needed a few more beer cans and calories to develop the ideas and create a whole new set of groovy and crushing sounds with the unequivocal aim of producing a second full length CD. The new album was recorded, mixed and engineered by Roger B. on winter of 2014. In the middle of 2015 the band inked a deal with Spanish legendary label Xtreem Music for the releasing of the brand new album, which was called “Bimbocracia”.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2015 Bimbocracia, Full length, 2015, Xtreem Music
2011 Sweet Home Carbonara, Full length, 2011 Bizarre Leprous Productions (


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