MATICRUST Philippines

MATICRUST - Denies and Demise


Uhuhuuuu tohle je další z řady exotických zástupců na OEF! Filipínská kapela MATICRUST, která se přesídlila do Dubaje! Prasopal! V MATICRUST produkci vystopujete mnoho vlivů smíchaných dohromady.  

Od klasického anarcho punku přes hardcore/crust až po brutální grind core. Na kontě mají demo, účast na několika kompilacích a před sebou doufejme velké plány, k jejichž realizaci jim určitě pomůže i účast na OEF 2016! Podpořte MATICRUST naživo!!!


MATICRUST BAND BIOGRAPHY: MATICRUST came from the Filipino – Tagalog word "MATIkas" which means: firm, strong and refined. Adding "CRUST" to its name which is based from their influences - Anarcho Crust Punk // In Grind We Crust vista during their teenage years involvement in the underground scene / movement and the DIY Pinoy Punk Scene way back early 90's. MATICRUST are all expats in the U.A.E. hailing from Abu Dhabi (UAE Capital) and Sharjah (Northern Emirates). Originally born and raise from the Third world hell hole Philippines. Each member came from the different parts of the country’s region and capital. Nevertheless their foundation from the underground scene gave them the jolt to pursue once again their passion and interest in the so called counter culture of mankind. 

Digging back to the Roots had made them to pioneer and introduce the Hardcore Punk/Crust Punk/Grind/Grind Noise/Grind Core/Power Violence/ D-Beat in the United Arab Emirates where everybody back then had a little nor never heard such acts and music hence they’ve ignited an explosion for them to blast their ears off back and forth. Slowly gaining a little bit of factions, followers and supporters on a Conservative and Firm Clenched Islamic Law of their present resident country is the Real Battle and Struggle for the band to be heard unceasingly. 

DON-DON – Hyper splatter and growls
ERICSSON – Ultra scream and growls
DENNIS – Riff grinding Guitarist
BOGZ – Inflated loping Bassist 
JUNGU – Roots Radical blasting Drummer


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2016 Warsore Tribute by grindfather @ extreme terror production' EP
2015 Slave to The Grindcore Compilation CD, DVD
2015 Idea is our Weapon Compilation Tape
2015 Blast Til Death Compilation Vol.3 bandcamp
2015 United Assault Compilation CD
2014 Maticrust – Their Lies Demo CD
2014 Grinding for A Cure Vol.4 bandcamp


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Philippine Grindcore!!!!!!!