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Progresivní grind core v podání dánských PISS VORTEX nenechá milovníky ulítlých a hlavně brutálních tónů v klidu! Pokud máte rádi kapely jako PIG DESTROYER nebo CATTLE DECAPITATION mixlé s řádnou porcí instrumentálního nářezu a vyhrávek, nemůžete si nechat tuhle poměrně mladou dánskou kapelu naživo ujít na letošním Obscene Extreme Festivalu 2016.  

Tahle kapela bude rozhodně ve formě, protože jim v průběhu dubna vyjde nová nahrávka s názvem „Future Cancer“, kterou nám snad naživo  představí i v Trutnově!!!


PISS VORTEX was formed in 2011 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since its inception, the band has continually challenged the conventions of contemporary extreme music in their home country, and their chaotic, experimental noise seems far removed from the groovy death and thrash metal traditions usually associated with the Danish music scene. While the music of PISS VORTEX is identifiable as grindcore, the band not only draws from and acknowledges the early pioneers of the genre, but also develops and fearlessly broadens its sonic spectrum incorporating both noise rock, chaotic hardcore and even brief hints of sludge into a cohesive, eclectic grinding whole. Simply put, this band doesn’t give a single fuck about genre conventions, but solely strives to write, record and perform absolutely crushing progressive music while fucking with all minds within earshot - including their own - in the process. Dissonant, experimental brutality. 

In 2014, the band recorded their self-titled debut LP live in the studio over three days and released it through local DIY label Indisciplinarian. The record was well-received internationally and the band went on to play several high-profile gigs, such as the Danish Roskilde Festival in 2015, as well as opening for bands such as Brutal Truth, Today Is The Day, Retox, Mutoid Man and Venomous Concept.   

In April 2016 PISS VORTEX will release their second offering, the Future Cancer EP, once again through Indisciplinarian.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2016 Future Cancer, Indisciplinarian EP
2014 Indisciplinarian LP


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