Slučují mnoho old school death metalových, crust punkových a grindcorových prvků a to vše je pak zabaleno ve skvělé DIY etice. Jen málo kapel reprezentuje OBSCENE EXTREME tak jako španělští grindeři LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER.

LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER vznikli jako one-man kapela v Madridu v roce 1999 a postupně rozšiřovali svou sestavu, přešli od automatických bicích ke skutečnému bubeníkovi a v minulé a současné sestavě se mohou pochlubit vazbami na MACHETAZO, DISHAMMER, NASHGUL a ANTIGAMA.

V roce 2011 podepsali LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER u RELAPSE vydání svého nejnovějšího alba 'ETERNO TREBLINKA'. Ještě nikdy nebyli tak aktivní, a tak si je na OBSCENE EXTREME 2012 nenechte ujít v jejich nejlepší formě!!!


1999: LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER exist spontaneously in 1999 as a “one man band” when Felix follows making music after leaving his former band EXPIRATION. The main reason for creating this new project is to make a music mainly focused into crust punk with a strong ideology centered into Animal Liberation and Veganism. That year and with the help of Samu (PUSSED / VRS Studio) at the vocals, Felix recorded of what was the first official split 7’’ ep with the mythic AGATHOCLES from Belgium, co edited in 2000 by Selfishfucker and Bad People Records thanks to the help of Mr Haroldo Mardones (CATHETER / CAPITALIST CASUALTIES).

2000: It’s when LFAA changes from being a project to become a real band. Felix follows playing guitar and programming drums, Ramon (UNSANE CRISIS) takes care of the bass and Inaki (DENAK) will take care of the vocals now. With this line up the band become to play Grindcore and record the first untitled album edited in 2002 by Distortion Records. Finally the gigs started with a programmed drummachine.

2001: This was the year of collaborations, Chema from 6M0 (later in ANTIGAMA), helped for some time as second guitarist, meanwhile Makoko (HINDRANCE) did with the real drums, this Mister will be allways around the band, and we will talk later about him. Life goes on and LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER comes back to be the same powertrio who recorded the first album. Felix, Ramon and Inaki come back to the studio to record their two new editions, on one side a split with KONTRAATAQUE released by La Idea in 2003 and on the other side a split 7’’ EP with CATHETER released by Parade Records in 2006.

2002: Enough about recordings. Gigs and more gigs.

2003: Finally and after four years, they will never miss programmed drummachines, Moya (GATO APLASTADO) join the band as human real drummer and the band changes their logo to the current one. The mini album “Buscando una Respuesta” is recorded and coedited as 12’’ MLP by Throne Records and HombreLobo Records in 2004 and as MCD by Living Dead Society (Ramón’s own label) and Under The Knife (Félix’s own label) in 2005 and in Cassette by Haunted Hotel Records in 2006.

2004: LFAA as a four piece line up plays live non stop until they reenter at the studio for making their longer studio session to date. From this new studio session will come the 7’’ EP with ZANUSSI released thru Trabuc Records in 2006, the 7” EP with COMRADES released thru Power it up in 2005, the 7’’ EP with OVERPOWERING released by Power It Up in 2005 and the split 12’’ LP with IRA ET DECESSUS released also thu Power it up in 2007.

2005: Compulsory first European tour with SAYYADINA, helped in this time by Santi (NASHGUL) at vocals, Pintxos (the infamous happy-helldriver) becomes the official eurodriver for LFAA. From this year is also the studio session for different tribute albums, as the official NAPALM DEATH and the official RUIDO DE RABIA (both finally never was released).

2006: Again only concerts and writing new stuff.

2007: One more time and as in all the other sessions, band enters to the studio to record “Extinción”, co-released in CD by Living Dead Society and Under The Knife in 2007 and released in 12’’ LP thru Power It Up in 2008. Also begins our collaboration with our friend and artworker Nor Venagruesa for illustrations. The year ends with enlagement of formation, enters Makoko at the guitar and the band becomes a five piece line up with Inaki vocals, Felix guitar, Makoko guitar, Ramon bass and Moya drums.

2008: Second European tour with AGENTS OF ABHORRENCE.

2009: LFAA records a demo meanwhile recording the session for official REPULSION tribute album. The band signed with Relapse Records to put out that demo in a 7’’ EP “La Caceria” and furthermore a full length CD. Just before the end of the year the band recorded for a split 10” with the brazilian Thrashcore legend RATOS DE PORAO.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2011 LFAA "Eterno Treblinka" CD / 12"LP CD, LP
2009 LFAA "La Caceria" 7"EP EP
2007 LFAA "Extinción" CD / 12"LP CD, LP


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