ANDRALLS představují asi nejupřímnější, nejintenzivnější a nejetablovanější thrash metalovou kapelu pocházející z Brazílie od dob Sepultury. Opravdu!!!

Vznikli asi před deseti lety a poté vydali 6 alb (4 ve studiu a 2 live), které obsahují jejich nekompromisní, zuřivý a intenzivní thrash metal, který připomíná staré dobré časy kapel jako Slayer a Sepultura, čímž si ANDRALLS získali velmi dobrou pověst nejen v Brazílii, ale také v zahraničí.

Jen se zamyslete, kolik thrash metalových alb s tak kurevskou intenzitou jste slyšeli od dob SLAYERu a "Reign in Blood" a SEPULTURY a "Beneath the Remains"... takže, pokud chcete mít zase jednou takovej pocit, pak odpovědí jsou ANDRALLS!!!


Andralls was born in 1998 and since the very beginning the idea was to play fast and aggressive Thrash Metal, the way it’s meant to be.

One year after that, the band went to the studio to record its first album, called “Massacre, Corruption, Destruction…”, which got great reviews from the media all around the world. To promote the album, Andralls was invited to be the opening act for the legendary Judas Priest gigs in Brazil, in September of 2001, and many other shows in Brazil.

In 2002, the band signed with the local MARQUEE RECORDS, and released its second album called “Force Against Mind”. This album was also released in Europe by MAUSOLEUM RECORDS, in 2003. During the promotion of “Force Against Mind”, Andralls played in many places all over Brazil, including some shows with Malevolent Creation. Due to the great receptiveness of the fans regarding that album, Marquee Records then released in December of 2003 the “Fasthrash Live 2003” Mini-CD, with 8 live tracks that shows how fast and aggressive Andralls is on stage.

During the recording of the third studio album, called “Inner Trauma”, Andralls was invited to play at “Bonded by Blood Thrash Fest”, which was a festival where the American Thrash Metal icon Exodus played too. After the release of “Inner Trauma”, the band did a 30-gig tour in Brazil and also went to a MTV show (“Gordo Freak Show”). Andralls also played in “Brasil Metal Union” festival, one of the biggest festivals in Brazil so far, still promoting the third studio album. Besides all these shows, the band also did its first South-American Tour (“Inner Trauma South-American Tour”), playing in Chile, Peru and Paraguay.

In 2006 the band recorded its first video-clip, for the song “Subhuman Worms” of “Inner Trauma”. Later that year, the band finally did its first European tour, called “Noiséthrash Tour 2006”, playing in festivals in Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Austria and Poland.

During the following year, the band started recording its fourth studio album, called “Andralls”. In the meanwhile, due to organizers and fans requests from all over the country, the band did another national tour: “Noiséthrash Brazilian Tour 2007”.

In 2008, due to the great work done so far, Andralls was invited to play with two great international acts which were touring Brazil that year: Sodom and Asesino.

After that, the band finishes its fourth studio album (“Andralls”) and signs a deal with FREEMIND RECORDS and DISTRO ROCK RECORDS for the Brazilian release. Alex Coelho, original member and Vocal/Guitar leaves the band at that time and Cleber Orsioli joins the band, meanwhile the new CD finally makes it to the stores and the band starts an extensive Brazilian tour for promotion, called “Let’s Kill Again Tour ‘09” (National Tour – 22 Shows), which reached every region in Brazil and had a great support and promotion by the media. Andralls played with great international bands such as Omen, among others.

In November of 2009, after finishing the first part of the National Tour and with an inked deal with XTREEM MUSIC from Spain and AMERICAN LINE from Mexico (for the international release of the new album in Europe, Japan, USA and Latin America), the band departed for the European Part of "Let's Kill Again Tour '09, playing 21 gigs and crossing almost the entire Europe and sharing the stage with bands such as Necronomicon and Desaster. The band had been played in 21 gigs in Italy, Spain, Poland, Germany, Belgium and Netherlands. Coming back home and after some concerts in Brazil, ANDRALLS went invited again for playing in Europe from April to June in Portugal (sharing the stage with bands such as Kreator, Dying Fetus and Immolation on the biggest festival in that country – SWR Barroselas Metal Fest – 13th Edition) and in the usual European countries as well.

In September of 2011, was time to get the Road again with the “Let’s Kill Again Brazilian Tour” in 15 different cities on the North, Northeast and Southeast side of the country, writing down and making stronger the name ANDRALLS in the Metal Scene. Now the band is in the Studio, writing new songs for the new album, to be released on the beginning of 2012.

Stay Fasthrash!


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2009 Andralls
2005 Inner Trauma
2003 Fasthrash Live 2003
2003 Force Against Mind
2000 Massacre, Corruption, Destruction...


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