Keitzer je pekelný grind/HC s metalovými vlivy ve stylu starých německých grindových kapel. Čeká vás kurevskej náser plnej síly, zběsile rychlých bicích a k tomu hodně zuřivej vokalista. Připravte se na likvidaci!!!


The Band was formed in the spring of 1999 in the five piece line-up : christian – vocals claas - guitar/vocals, Simon/bass, Michael – guitar/vocals and Tim – drums. After releasing the record in 1999 “to destroy the planet earth on farewell rec. and the split ep in 2002 with Remains of the Day on yellowdog records. After touring a lot of countries in Europe they started recording in 2005 “Suicide Anthology” which was released by YellowDog rec. During the years they played a lot of shows with tons of great Bands. In 2007 they released the split cd with DAS KRILL. Nico joined the band as the 2nd guitarplayer and „as the world burns“ was released. After this release the touring with they friends from Minion. In 2011 „descend into heresy“ hit the lights via Fda rekotz……


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2011 Descend into heresy CD, LP
0 As the world burns CD, LP
0 Split with Das Krill EP
0 Suicide anthology CD


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