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Gridecore znovu zasahuje! Jedna z nejprofláklejších tuzemských grind kapel opět znectí trutnovské Bojiště! Kapela, kterou zbožňují po celém ug světě. Jejich poslední zásek v diskografii, kterým byl split desetipalec se Sidetracked, je lahůdkou pro fandy extrémního hardcore/grindu.   Nová velká deska se netrpělivě očekává. Důvod je jasný. GRIDE je kult! Jejich dosavadní trutnovské sety byly vždy tím nejlepším co se na OEF dalo naživo zhlédnout!


GRIDE has played since mid 90ies. A group of hardcore and grindcore freaks has formed the band in 1996. Early production mainly drew from such bands like DOOM, NAPALM DEATH, AGATHOCLES, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, early BRUTAL TRUTH etc. After some months of rehearsals, line-up has been stabilized on: Cert - drums, David - guit, Zdenda - bass, Iny - scream. First show of GRIDE was on local grind/metal gig called Crush Kill Destroy Party - 30.8.1996. The band recorded a demo tape with this line-up, which was released as the split tape with MALIGNANT TUMOUR, split EP with LIES & DISTRUST and Rehearsal Noise Jam Party for split tape with SUPPOSITORY. In autumn 1997 tour together with MRTVA BUDOUCNOST was organized. We invited Austria, Slovenia and Italy. The leaving of Zdenda finished this first era of the band. GRIDE existed as the three-pieces band some time - we played with only one guitar connected to two amps, drums and vocal, gigs were occasionally livened up with backing vocal by Nene. A new stuff, which has been created in this period, has been more complicated and extreme with bright connection to the power violence hardcore wave. Some of these new songs and cover songs of HEALTH HAZARD and RUPTURE were recorded for split tape with MALIGNANT TUMOUR and CEREBRAL TURBULENCY. Line-up was refilled in winter 1998 / 1999 by Michal - second guit. and David Z. - bass. In that time, we recorded the stuff for split LP with MRTVA BUDOUCNOST. This LP was released by cooperation of several DIY labels. David Z. left band in the end of 1999 and was replaced by Dedek. GRIDE played a lot of gigs in that time. We had even few short tours to Slovakia, Italy, Germany and recorded split EP with COCROACH. Dedek left band in early 2002 so we played without bass some time - we did the tour together with SEE YOU IN HELL to Germany and Netherlands. When we had returned home, the band got new bass player - Paja. Unfortunately Cert had some problems with his health so we had a half-year pause. In 2003 we recorded new stuff, which was released as one-sided LP on Chimeres Rec. A short time after recording, GRIDE, together with SEE YOU IN HELL again, went the tour to Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Italy and Slovenia. This tour was the longest one, which we have ever played and counted 16 gigs. But in winter 2003/2004 a crisis appeared and it seemed days of the band are numbered. The band cancelled tour to United Kingdom but GRIDE still was able to play some shows in Czech rep. (for example Extreme Obscene Fest, No Speed Limit Fest or Play Fast Or Don't Fest), this situation persisted till autumn. In November, Maxeek (bass) and Pufffy (guit.) replaced David and Michal and Paja changed playing bass to guitar. We practiced hard and we played a lot of great gigs in 2005 (for example the tour with SEE YOU IN HELL to Slovakia, Play Fast Or Don't 2, Killed by Brno 3, Southern Hardcore Attack in Pisek and many and many others). In the mid of year we recorded stuff for split EP with LAHAR. This EP was released in December 2005 by cooperation of underground labels and contains only cover songs of Southern Bohemia hardcore and grindcore bands. In year 2008 we released on Insane Society records full lenght LP Horizont udalosti. The limited edition was sold out in one week! We also took part on compilation LP Play Fast or Don't. Next year Insane Society put out split EP with THEMA 11. In 2009 we also toured Balkany and Greece. We recorded two songs for compilation LP Poslouchate Jizni Cechy 2. 2010: We toured USA with our friends of PRETTY LITTLE FLOWER from Texas. We played many awesome shows around US and took part also on Maryland Death Fest. After return back to home we played in France on La Mort Fest. Maxeek decided left the band because of lack of time. His position was replaced by Michal, who plays also in thrash death band PRESSBOIL. And finally, a word about music and lyrics: GRIDE endeavours to play ultrafast and extreme fusion of hardcore and grindcore. But we draw even from other styles of music like metal, industrial or alternative rock. Lyrically, we want to study and describe a relationship between individual person and present society. We aim our lyrics to describing of manipulation, coercion, abusing and reducing of personal freedom in post-modern capitalist society.

Line up:

Cert – drums

Iny – vocals

Paja – quitar

Pufffy – guitar

Michal – bass


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2014 split 7“ w. ABORTION
2014 split 7“ flexi w. ZEMĚŽLUČ (insert in magazine Hlasatel)
2014 split 10“ w. SIDETRACKED
2013 split 6“ w. TURBOKRIEG
2011 Záškuby chaosu LP/CD CD, LP
2009 split 7"EP w. THEMA 11
2008 Horizont Událostí LP/CD CD, LP
2006 split 7" EP w. LYCANTHROPHY
2005 split 7" EP w. LAHAR -
2003 Tanec bláznů 12" one sided LP LP
2003 Discography 1996 CD
2001 Happy Birthday 7" EP EP
2000 split 7" EP w. COCROACH -
1999 split 12" LP w. MRTVÁ BUDOUCNOST
1998 split 7" EP w. LIES & DISTRUST -
1998 3 way split demo tape w. MALIGNANT TUMOUR and CEREBRAL TURBULENCY
1997 Green Illness DEMO
1997 split live tape w. INGROWING
0 Zaskuby chaosu LP


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