SUPREME PAIN started in summer 2006 when Erwin, Aad (vocalist of Sinister and Infinited Hate) and Robi (from Slovenian deathmetallers Scaffold) joined forces to create death metal with the sick fast blasting brutality of today combined with the old school feeling. After a couple of rehearsals Supreme Pain decided to record a promo CD titled LIFELESS SKIN AND BONES. This promo was recorded and released in december 2006.

This resulted in a deal with U.S. Comatose Music owned by Steve Green (Lust Of Decay and Atrocious Abnormality). Supreme Pain started to work on songs for the full lenght CD entitled CADAVER PLEASURES. During this Supreme Pain was joined by guitarist Bas Brussaard(Fondlecorpse). It was the intension that he would only play a couple of solo's but it worked out so great that he became permanent member of the Supreme Pain family.

The drums were recorded in Negligence Sound Studios in Slovenia and all guitars and vocals were recorded at the Garden Shed Of Horror Studio in The Netherlands. Mixing took place at Excess Studios in The Netherlands and the mastering was done at Sound Lab Studios in U.S. The result is crushing and mindblowing!!!!

This death metal piece of brutality was released on 15th of april 2008. Pure brutal death metal sickness is unleashed.

A few months after the release drummer Robert Kovacic was replaced by Toep Duin (Putrefied, Blastcorps and many more). Robi did not commit himself to the supreme brutality so replacement was the only option. And Tadej Cholewa (Scaffold) became the bassplayer.

Recently Supreme Pain signed a contract with Metal Age Productions from Slovakia to release the second full lenght CD.

Supreme Pain just finished the recordings at The Soundlodge Studio in Germany with producer Jorg Uken (Sinister, Dew-Scented, God Dethroned) for the second full length CD: NEMESIS ENFORCER. Expect brutal sick blasting death metal with the old school groove !!!

So Supreme Pain is back on full strenght and ready to create blasting death metal sickness !!!! Ready to play live gigs and spread the supreme death metal hell !!!

- The line up -

Aad Kloosterwaard - Vocals

Erwin Harreman - Guitar

Bas Brussaard - Guitar

Tadej Cholewa - Bass

Toep Duin - Drums


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2009 Nemesis Enforcer
2008 Cadaver Pleasures
2006 Lifeless Skin And Bones


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