JOE PESCI United Kingdom



Stop and gooooooooo ššílenství přichází z Anglie!!! Krátké, svižžné, skočné (pro ty kdo udržží tempo), tohle fastcore má prostě rychlost, sílu, vššechno!!!


Formed in 2007 when 4 friends joined forces with the sole intention of playing hyper blasting grindcore including ex. Fuck That and ex. Spasticated Razor Masturbator members. Influenced by the likes of Discoardance Axis, Birdflesh and Yacopsae amongst others. 10 songs were written in the first practise, then Joe Pesci were asked to contribute to a 4 way split Lp with From The Ashes(Swe)/Lycanthrophy(Cz)/After The Last Sky(Uk), so the first 10 songs were then recorded in a rehearsal room at the next practise. Since then Joe Pesci has self released a 10 track cdr, and split cdr with their good friends Sylvester Staline. This was followed shortly by a line up change, so now Joe Pesci is a 3 piece of guitar, drums and vocals. Joe Pesci have also been lucky enough to share the stage with the likes of: D.H.I.B.A.C, Warscars, Unholy Grave, F.U.B.A.R, Lycanthrophy, From The Ashes, Afgrund, Municipal Waste and The Day Man Lost, including many more. In 2009 Joe Pesci's first Mcd, 15 songs of hyper blasting grindcore, will be released through Bones Brigade Records from France.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2008 Sylvester Staline Split CD
2008 Taking Bricks to the Face CD
2007 Split 4 way - Lp - From The Ashes(Swe)Lycanthrophy(Cz)/After The Last Sky(Uk)


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