BOILER Germany



Boiler was established in autumn 2006. Previous projects failed due to a grindlock with only three band members remaining: Elu, Marc and Ralf. Later on, we finished up by two when finally Mario from Napalm Entchen ("Napalm Ducky") entered the band. Now the story started to have rhyme and reason. Playing on a concert we catched the attention of a bassist who decided to join us. He does live a little remote, but Max - thank you for, hopefully continously, joining us!

Our music ranges between a little Death-Metal and much Grindcore. It's really cool to be on stage and met people encouriging the bands and supporting our music. By now and once again THANKS FOR SUPPORTING GRIND!!! Last but not least we want to underline, that we like to play everywhere, if only a little gas would be paid off, that would be great.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2008 'Atüla der Druckluftkönig'
2007 'Grindcore-Forum Sampler'


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