One of the oldest grindcore bands on Russian scene. This disease was formed in 1995 as three-pieced tumour under “THROMBOEMBOLY” name. In late 1995 they change name to “SEPTICOPYEMIA”. After few mounths of malignant rehearsals and erections without contraceptive band erupted their first demos – “sicked by autopsicnecrophily/flegmagore”, and the next “necrotic mutilation/endless decay”1996 - both in the vein of early CARCASS and NAPALM DEATH. All that supported by line-up changes and a lot of gigs. Disgorging demo “necrolysis and pyolysis”1997, gigs and another lazy asses changes...spewing the “putrescentia cadaverosus” and “grindgore” demos in 1998. Band has two free singers – growling/screaming, and sound became more sickest! Also that year HAMMER PROD. erupted “sick categories” demo in mc-format with black/white glossy cover, and ETERNAL DEATH PROD. spit “pathophilism - clinical necrognosis” with colour cover, 6 way split tape “ressurection of the embodiment of death” in 1999 with SEPTICOPYEMIA(stuff from “grindgore” demo), PHANTASMAGORE(r.i.p.), MOTHERFUCKER(r.i.p.), BLOOD SPITTING(r.i.p.)(all from Russia), BLEEDING(Belarus), CONFESSIONS OF OBSCURITY(Belgium) with full-colour printed cover, and song “urinous infiltration” included in “awakening of the grindmonster” compilation with colour cover. Another tons of gigs...but SEPTICOPYEMIA needed really cool machinegun masturbator. In late 2000 band stop their existence...

In 2002 SEPTICOPYEMIA reincarnated with old/new members. Band plays many gigs with SCRAMBLED DEFUNCTS, MENTAL DEMISE, BARBARITY, FLESHBOMB, ABORTED FETUS, I CUM BLOOD, MIND ECLIPSE, RASTA, MORRAH and many more bands from Russia & CIS... November 2004 - SEPTICOPYEMIA went one of the best studios in Russia - NAVAHOHUT REC. In december 2004 band plays in Moscow with splatter goregrind monsters SQUASH BOWELS. In march 2005 plays with another polish dark death metal machine NEOLITH. May 2005 - mixing and mastering at NAVAHOHUT are finished. During november 2005 band plays the “METAL SPIRIT RESURRECTION vol.1” tour with MURK EXORBITANCE, SINFUL, ACT OF GOD, APOKEFALE, MIND ECLIPSE, LITTLE DEAD BERTHA etc.in Moscow, Kaluga, Voronezh, Ivanovo, Yaroslavl, Izhevsk, Perm. In august 2006 take part in “METAL HEAD’S MISSION ..7” open air fest in Evpatoria, Ukraine with TIAMAT(Swe), HOLY MOSES(Ger), DEAD INFECTION(Pol), SICKBAG(Fra),DEEPRED(Fin), DEFORMED(Pol), MOONFOG(Slo) and many more… -november 2006 – plays at “PETROGRIND FEST..3” in St. Petersburg with DEAD INFECTION, DEEPRED, ABORTED FETUS, ANAL GRIND, DATURA and more… Later playing with THY DISEASE(Pol)& RASTA(By) during their russian tour. In the end of december “Sound Age prod.” disgorging “Vomiting Swamp” album for Russia and world distribution. During the 2007 and 2008 band plays next gigs: -“COYOTE BRUTAL FEST 1” in Moscow with CEREBRAL EFFUSION(Spa)& others, “TATTOO METAL FEST 5” in St.Petersburg, “MANIACS ASSAULT” in N.Novgorod(album presentation), “LIVE METAL ..2” in Arkhangelsk, "EQUILIBRIUM FEST" in Yaroslavl, "DEATH METAL ACTION 3" in Kostroma, gig with DECAPITATED(Pol)(R.I.P.), gigs with MOONFOG(Slo), “TATTOO METAL FEST 6” in St.Petersburg, “COYOTE BRUTAL FEST 2” in Moscow with MALIGNANT TUMOUR(Cze), "MURDER ART FEST 3" in Moscow with JIG-AI(Cze), TORSOFUCK(Fin), "ZVEROVISION 2008" in Kiev, Ukraine with HORSE THE BAND(USA), NEEDFUL THINGS(Cze), gigs with MUCOPUS(USA), "COYOTE OPEN AIR FEST" in Moscow with CENOTAPH(Tur), DEAD INFECTION(Pol) -some local gigs as headliners -in august Sound Age prod. Erupted second professional release, split CD with FORMALIN. The part of SEPTICOPYEMIA called “Hungry Asses”, and musically it is aggressive grindcore in the vein of LDOH and groove catch of CBT. -february 2009 – “Hungry Asses” re-released by Ukrainian label ECLECTIC prod as 3-way split CD with EBANATH(Ukraine) and STICKOXYDAL(Belarus). In this year band already play gigs with GUT(Ger), take a part in “COYOTE BRUTAL FEST#3”. SEPTICOPYEMIA is very active in live performances and will show you an extreme GRINDCORE blasting and slamming on the stage!!!








Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2009 Hungry Asses CD
2008 Soundtrack to porn movie "Kasting2.Revenge of Blondie"
2008 Hungry Asses –


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