Blood Duster formed in August 1991 gathering influences from early grindcore bands like Napalm Death , Terrorizer, Repulsion and Carcass and mixing it with elements from 70s rock bands like Deep Purple and Black Sabbath.

Some at the time said that is was a stupid idea and it is indeed a point that is not lost on the band themselves and in the words of Jason P.C. the bands bass guitarist/ and Producer "We do whatever the fuck we want, Stupid or not".

And carrying that sentiment the band was on its way...

Although recorded in December 1991, January 1992 saw the release of the 'Menstrual Soup' demo. This was the first recording of the band and showed the early merging of styles like Grind, Death and Rock giving the band a sound that has since become their trademark.

The demo went on to become an underground classic of the time and sold over 500 demo cassettes. (Remember them?)

After a line up shuffle and a further refining of the bands sound, Mid '93 saw the Australian release of 'Fisting the Dead' a 17 track Mini CD on Dr. Jims records.

The band had started to play live (although appearances were still ultra rare) at this point and started to build up the live reputation that continues to this day for the absurd and sometimes crude behaviour that is part of any Blood Duster show.

More line up changes delayed the band until mid '95 when 'Yeest' was released in Australia. Showing more of the 'Menstrual Soup' demos Earlier 70's rock leanings but maintaining the grinding element of 'Fisting the Dead', 'Yeest' proved to be a turning point for the band with live shows happening more often and to increasingly rabid crowds Australia wide.

'Yeest' was also the point where U.S. label Relapse started to show interest in the band choosing to release both 'Fisting the Dead' and 'Yeest' on one CD for the world outside Australia.

After 2 years of solid live work, late '97 saw the first full length album 'Str8outtanorthcote' released to the public.This album showed much more of the rock as well as some redneck country influences creeping into the Blood Duster sound combining into a grinding free for all, with some songs written with on-stage "jamming" in mind and a more varied sound that went even further against the grain of typical death metal of the time.

Early 2000 saw some line up changes again... first with drummer problems and then with guitarist problems.

September 2000 saw the release of the most colorfully titled in the mounting Blood Duster catalogue... 'CUNT'. With a sort of new line-up (old members that rejoined) this album set out from the beginning to be the most extreme the band had released. Recorded at the same studio that saw the birth of both 'Fisting the Dead' and 'Yeest' the album saw a return to a more 'grind' based sound, while managing to take the piss out of nu-metal at every given opportunity.

Following the album's release came the first single of sorts in the form of 'Pornstore Stiffi'.

The video was added to rotation on cable TV station Channel V (Australian cable TV show) and thus adding an abundance of new fans to the already faithful.

And while everyone said that you couldn't release an album with a title as confronting as "Cunt", It proved to be a success in that everyone remembered it and helped propel the band into a more highlighted position within the Australian media.

The band even appeared on "Today Tonight", a prime time current affairs program defending the position of musicians and artists to be as obscene as they cared to.

2001 had even more controversy in the works as shortly after the TV appearances lead singer Tony Ford being summonsed to appear in court after an incident with pre-fab TV series pop band 'Scandal'us'.

It seems that the boys in blue were not to fond of Tony's "Knuckle Dusters" and while standing in line for a photo with the band, the police took a dislike to Tony and this resulted in Tony being taken to court for carrying a concealed weapon.

In court he was ordered to write the judge a nice letter of apology and was let off with a warning, although he was let off, the knuckle dusters were never returned...

All throughout this time Blood Duster toured the country relentlessly playing everywhere that would have them.

2004 - After the "Cunt" record Blood Duster decided that the next album could have no title to better it, so it went without one.

With this "self titled" record the band amped up the riffage to titanic levels with songs that delved further into rock territory than anyone could have originally thought, in the process creating a sound unlike any other.

The album also featured some ironic guest vocals from Jay 28 Days, The Spazzys and original AC/DC singer Dave Evans. (pre-Bon Scott)

The album also saw the release of the singles "Drink, Fight, Fuck", "I Wanna Do It With A Donna" and "Sixsixsixteen". The first singles the band had really ever released.

"Drink, Fight, Fuck "went on to become a chart and crowd favorite and even got them played on national radio station Triple J.

This album is available on the predominately black metal label "Seasons of Mist" in the US.

Around this time Jason started to write a "Dear Abby" styled column for Kerrang magazine in Australia where he only dished out advice to kids and metal fans.

This also garnered lots of irate letters from concerned parents, and rightly so as the column was anything but sanitary and often dished out advice like "Do more drugs kids" and "Your parents are fuck-wits, please, don't listen to them".

The touring for this album were pretty intense, included a national touring spot on the "Big Day Out" sharing billing with bands like The Darkness, Metallica, (who the band beat in a backstage ping pong match), the Dandy Warhols, Peaches, the Black Eyed Peas and and many, many more.

The band also did its own headlining tours across Australia, although the last 10 shows in support of the single "Sixsixsixteen" had to be cancelled due to singer Tony fracturing his collarbone and receiving some stitches to his head after the offstage came onstage.

Throughout July/ and August 2005 the band finally made good on its promises and made it overseas with a 41 show world tour taking in the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Holland, Austria, Slovenia and Japan and this was quickly followed by another run of successful shows back home in Australia and New Zealand.

Late 2005 also saw the re-release of the bands classic earlier material , the album "Fisting The Dead" was re-released in Australia with bonus tracks and extensive liner notes and the band also oversaw the release of the '91 demo "Menstrual Soup" in extremely limited editions on Bizarre Leporous Productions. First on picture disc 7" and then on a shaped picture CD.

After yet another run of Australian shows in support of the DVD and the "Menstrual Soup" releases, the band was exhausted and completely spent of new ideas and badly in need of a break.

So they took one, pretty much a full year off in fact, they did pretty much nothing in this time.

2006 also saw the release of a deluxe gatefold vinyl version of the self titled album on 180 gram vinyl on German label Apathetic View.

The first inklings that the band was ready to start work again was the acceptance of an offer to do an Australian tour with Danzig.

The Danzig crew took offence to the band a few times for various petty reasons and were often threatened with being kicked off the tour, this was to become a running theme for the band with their reputation starting to work against them. at one point the Danzig crew tried to make blood duster pick up all the empty beer cans littered across the stage.

In late 2006 the band recorded the triple album titled "Lyden Na".

When translated from Norwegian the title means "the now sound". This was done just to be a little difficult (completely out of character I know) and in homage to the great Norwegian black metal bands, none of whom we have anything to do with.

It is a two disc set with the third album available as a free download from the bands web-site via a access code on the purchased CD.

The first Album is all the rock and "other" elements of the Blood Duster sound while the second disk is all the grind elements of the Duster sound. This album is available on brutal Czech label Obscene Productions.

A few album highlights from disk one are: "ThreeOhhSevenOhh": a song dealing with the decline of the Northcote dole culture and the current pro Northcote mentality. "IloveThePills": this track features a guest appearance by Darryl Cotton from 70s rock band "Zoot" who was also the host of The Earlybird Show (Australian children's program) with marty monster, this song sings the praises of prescription drugs like Vallium, Xanex and Phernergan... "TheNightTheyBurntOldEmoDown": a Country song about burning down a venue full of emo kids. Disk two of Lyden Na is the grind disc and contains 15 tracks of grinding noise insanity as only Blood Duster can deliver with tracks like: "isawyourdadsuckingoffanotherdudesdad", "tendonsslicedforprofit" and "recreationalkilling".

Late 2007 saw Blood Duster touring extensively throughout Australia and sharing the stage with Mastodon and Slayer, the later trying to have the band kicked off on reputation alone! Blood Duster had to give their word to slayer management and promoters that they wouldn't "try anything funny" while appearing with Slayer. The band was also told that slayer doesn't like anything funny. Apparently Kerry kings beard is not amusing...

Also around this time a fan was arrested for wearing a infamous blood duster "Cunt" t shirt by an undercover police officer, this time the police were told to stop wasting the courts time and to concentrate on policing not being moral dictators. The fan had to pay a $20 fine after his court appearance.

March saw the release of the split 7" with punk rock supergroup Venomous Concept. This 7" on Missing Link Records contained 3 exclusive Blood Duster tracks. 200 of the limited edition of 500 came with a latex moulded hand painted "human skin" cover. This sold out in a day or two and was available only on the band's web site and the Missing Link Records store.

Early 2008 saw a drummer change with Dave Haley of Australian Death Metal band Psycroptic joining the line up adding a faster feel to the newer material.

April 2008 saw the re-release of the classic Relapse Records era Duster albums "Fisting the Dead", "Str8outtanorthcote" and "Cunt" with all new artwork and tons of bonus tracks the band also played in the US for the very first time, Alongside bands like Nuclear Assault, Grave and Coffins at the Maryland Death Fest.

2009 promises a new album, a return to the Obscene Extreme Festival in the Czech Republic as well as select shows in europe in support of the as yet untitled album.


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