Initiated in the beginning of 2003 as “Butchers”. Recorded in the same period the first demo-tape called “Don’t happy be worry”. Some concerts in the native country, bringing a new wave of grind and gaining experience in “modeling” and structuring the music. In the year of 2004 the number of concerts increased, as in the home country so as in the neighbor ones. First appearance at the Ukrainian open air fest “Metal Head’s Mission”. Is recorded the second tape called “Ineffable Trance” which later in the same year was made part of the split with local bands “Disentomb” and “Drug-Store”. In fall, the band changed its name to “Abnormyndeffect”, playing the “first” gig with a new name at “Petrogrind fest I” in St. Petersburg, Russia. In the spring of 2005 was recorded the self-released CD called “Inside nowhere – Outside nothing”. Obtaining a great success at the “Metal Head’s Mission” the previous year, the band was invited to be a part of it also in the summer of 2005. In November the Belorussia-Russia mini tour included shows in Minsk, Samara and Toljiati. In winter 2006, a 5 shows tour in Finland was canceled because of the visa shit problem. Only the show in Moscow, Russia was held. In may, Abnormyndeffect took part at the “Zverovision” grind fest in Kyiv, Ukraine. Also a lot of shows in the native town. In the year of 2007 was recorded the full-length album which includes songs written from 2003 to 2006 recorded in a unique sound. Two participations at the Romanian fest held in Iasi “Rock’n’Iasi”, in the summer and fall editions. A split was released with the “VX” band (Russia) on “Imbecil Entertainment” label. The split contains the songs from the 2005 recorded demo, remastered in 2007. The year 2008 started with a Romanian tour that included 8 shows. The band also took part at the “Heartrock” fest in Botosani, Romania in the summer of that year. The album recorded in 2007 was released at the Japanese label “Macabre Mementos Records” on 24th of September. Later in that fall the band heated the road with the polish grinders “Parricide”, in the “Grindcore Balkan Tour”. The 25 February 2009 marked the 6 year of “abnorgrind” in the anniversary concert held in Bucharest, Romania. In spring 2009 the band takes part at the “Alcoholocaust Tour 2009” which includes the countries: Ukraine, Belorussia and Rep.of Moldova. Also 2 shows are confirmed for this spring, in Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest, Romania with Vital Remains and Diabolical…


Mircea – Vocals

Stefan – Drums

Radu – Guitar

Oleg – Bass


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2008 Betwin” CD
2007 VX vs Abnormyndeffect” CD
2005 “Inside Nowhere-Outside Nothing” MC (TAPE)


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