BUFO Finland



Put together early grindcore, power violence, new wave of British heavy metal, ideology from anarcho punk and ultra energetic stage performance and you got Büfo! Political lyrics are shouted mostly in Finnish language, they definitely have that same feeling that made Finnish bands like Terveet Kädet, Rattus and Kaaos famous back in the 1980's. Büfo is an ultimate live act: out of control juggernaut of sound, this is the way hardcore punk rock should be played.


Büfo was formed end of 2004, just half hour before they did their debut show at squatted house in Helsinki. First songs were written during soundcheck, against all odds the show was a great success. Next time the band got together they recorded EP, followed by loads of shows in Finland. Summer of 2006 they we're touring together with Pisschrist in Poland, playing in squats and made it even to Obscene Extreme festival. Now these havoc wreakers are back.

Büfo is:

Ilmari - drums

Julius - guitar & backing vocals

Iiro - bass & backing vocals

Janne - vocals

Tom - guitar & backing vocals


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2008 Büfo "Moderni ja maailman tuho" 2x7"
2008 Human Grind Gargouilement 4 Way Split c-cassette with Mesrine
2007 Büfo / Warkorpse 12" split vinyl LP


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