DISTASTE was founded in 2000 by LENZ and ARMIN. At that time they were playin at the austrian Prog./ black/ death- band ESCHATON. Sick and tired of Metal and satanic incantations, they decided to grind. Surely the first songs seemed not to be, what they were hoping for. Especially when you have vocals, 1 guitar and a drummer- In 2 persons. ARMIN changed from the drums (ESCHATON) to guitar and vox. LENZ from the guitar to the drums. They recorded a demo by this line-up, which one is "sold out". It was recorded and mixed in 6 hrs(!), and it contains 7 really bad deathgrind- songs. After 2 years ALEX joined the game. He is still the leadguitarist and singer of ESCHATON. But he brought too much metal-influences, wich LENZ and ARMIN didn`t like. After RICH came in as the new (and 1st) bass-player, ALEX had to go. That was in 2003. RICH came from the austrian hardcore- band FRAGILE I. ( after ARMIN quit at ESCHATON, he joined FRAGILE I as the new drummer) Very, very incesty, isnt i t? [But FRAGILE I is fuckin dead! (since winter 2005)] From then RICH, LENZ and ARMIN wrote songs, which were more the style they were heading for. And about one and a half year later, in summer 2005, PEDA, guitarist of the austrian moshers DRILL REALITY then, joined DISTASTE. He is shouting now in DRILL REALITY. Finally the whole DISTASTE line-up was set. Many gigs followed. We grinded the "FEKAL PARTY" and the "PUMPGUN-GRIND PARTY" in the czech republic and did many support-shows for SANATORIUM, PIGSTY, MASTIC SCUM, MUCOPUS, FLESHLESS, GADGET, BLOCKHEADS, GRIDE, SPLITTER and more.... But a big problem was, that we always had to shift the record date, because of financial problems and in july 2006 RICH "left" the band, he is grunting now in "LEGACY OF HATE" (austrian death metal). So we asked PHIL (THE MENACE/ ex- ESCATON) to rub the subs. He does. The next member to go was PEDA. He quit in November 2006, because he wants to focus on his other band "DRILL REALITY". He will be replaced by HONK (THE MENACE/ ex- FRAGILE I). On 12th of March we entered SOUNDSPUR-RECORDS to record our debut. We did it live in one take, and we are very proud of that of course, hehe... Now the search for a label begins... Phil quit the grinding somewhere in summer 2007, because he couldn´t help out anymore. Thank you so much, for this stunning year with 15 shows... Right after that FURTY (HE IS LEDSCHAD/ex-PIKESTAFF) joined the Band as bassist. The actual line-up is of really great musicians, with much heart and soul for music generally. After 7 years of struggling, the grindtragedy takes over. As a powerful and tight fourpiece again. Additional info: Distaste is doin´ lyx, that are like what GRINDCORE used to be. A musical answer to racism, facism, sexism, greed in any way, sell out, stupid trends/ fashioned assholes and the daily struggle through this lifeless, grey bunch of shitheads. distaste


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0 Of Abyss-hearts And Falsity..., to be released soon!


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