After a pleasant show at Obscene Extreme 2005 the bastards of crust are back. After two years of slacking Bombstrike will be ready to spit at the scene again. Bombstrike is like a venereal disease - once you got it, you cant get rid of it, you just have to learn to live with it.


Born in 1997 under the name Bastardfetto in a redneckshithole in the eastern forests of Sweden. The schedule for the band was mostly consisting of eating, drinking jerking, smoking, harassing and staying unemployed. Influences except those mentioned came from the swedish and finnish rawpunk scene aswell as a solid dose of metal. During 1999 the band managed to record two demotapes and a few gigs around Sweden. Year 2000 was the year they recorded their debutalbum "Kaos och Djävulskap", due to nontrusty frogeaters and general apathy the record wasnt released until 2002. With the release the band also paid a visit to Germany, Holland and the Czech Republic. During 2003-2004 Bombstrike had a rare productive era releasing two eps aswell as touring Finland, Germany, Austria and a UK-tour with Flyblown. In 2005 they hit the studio again this time for a ep recording and a split-lp with Reign of Bombs. Following the release of the split-ep they once again hit the autobahn summer 2005 and danced through Germany, Holland, Belgium, France and the Czech Republic. The band got branded as D-beat Metal or Shithead Crustcore. During autuumn 2005 the band also did a small Finland-tour supporting Murderjunkies. During christmas in 2006 the band went to the Helter Skelter Studio to record a new fullength album baptized by Bukowski to "Born Into This". Hungry for döner and squatsoup the lads head off on a summertour in 2007 managed by frau Cobra and Knark Art Productions. Year 2008 the band took a long lunch and only did a couple of gigs in Finland. During 2009 the band will record new songs and hopefully hit the roads again.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
0 Kaos och djävulskap CD, LP
0 Livets laga locknar 7"
0 Bombstrike/Legion 666 Split EP


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