SQUIRTOPHOBIC - Retards can´t cook Spaghetti


Jsou jedním z nejvybranějších rakouských goregrindových počinů. Rozpadli se v roce 2014 a teď se vrací na trutnovské Bojiště se speciální show.


SQUIRTOPHOBIC se sice nedávají znovu dohromady, ale mezinárodní scéna si jejich představení na nejextrémějším festivalu Evropy rozhodně zaslouží.


Připravte se na pěkně ostrou show, na kterou nikdy nezapomenete!!!


SQUIRTOPHOBIC was found in March 2008 and plays straight Goregrind.

From a cellar band they climbed very fast the austrian Extreme music throne and shared the stage with bands like Pungent Stench, Exodus, Haemorrhage, Waco Jesus and so on. Furthermore the band performed several big festivals such as Blastonbury Festival, Extremefest, Rape the Escape and many clubshows with a hell of bands.

Between August and December 2008 the band performed about 20 festival- and clubshows to promote the first demo record “UNDERGRIND”.


One year later, the band decided with another manning of instrumentation to go to studio again and record another 5-song-demo wich shows the new stylistical imprint of the band.

From 2009 to 2012 the band had many shows and promoted themselves wherever it was possible. Thanks to all promoters, fans and freaks  for their support!!!!

In 2012 the band enters studio again for third release on Czech Label "NTEY" Records called CUNTRY LOADS. To promote it, the band went on tour in September 2012 with Isacaarum and Fleshless. France, Germany, Czech, UK, Scotland, Hungary, Italy and Austria - these are the countries where the band left their musical destruction.

In the end of 2014 Squirtophobic found an end because of personal reasons.


They won´t return. It won´t happen. But for 2 shows in 2015 they will get their asses back on the stage. For almighty Obscene Extreme Festival in Czech and for STP Metal Weekend in Austria.

For OEF Fans: "You can expect a fucking big dancing party with a nice bunch of Special Guests - this show will be for all of the Obscene maniacs which love and support Curbys work all over the years! You are the heart and the soul of this musick. And we make the soundtrack for it. Be prepared - Trutnov will get squirted all over!"


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2012 Squirtophobic - Cuntry Loads (2012, NTEY Records)
2011 Squirtophobic - A Night in Porn (2011, self-released)
2010 Squirtophobic - Demo (2010, self-released) DEMO
2008 Squirtophobic - Undergrind (2008, self-released)
0 Squirtophobic - She Wolf of the SQ (to be released soon)


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