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Pamatuje si někdo z vás pražský koncert NYCTOPHOBIC, EXHUMED a HEMDALE, který proběhl v Praze v 90. letech v rámci Grind Over Europe II turné? Já už taky moc ne, ale bylo to peklo, to vím určitě. Jednou z kapel, které to tam tenkrát rozsekali, byli HEMDALE. Americký, pekelný gore/grind, který po těch pár letech existence (1993 – 1997) řádně rozčeřil stojaté vody grind scény.


Jejich nahrávky se staly základním kamenem a vzorem pro ostatní chorobné gore grind spolky. V roce 2013 tahle legenda ohlásila návrat. Z původní sestavy zbyl pouze jeden člen, ale stejně jim to sype jako kdysi. Uvidíme a hlavně uslyšíme, jak jim to jde naživo i na OEF 2015!!!


HEMDALE is a happy a Death Metal , Grindcore band from Mentor, Ohio. They Originally formed in 1993 with Michael Lehmann, Craig Rowe, and Matthew J. Rositano. With Michael's clean, excellent, smooth sexy guitar playing, Craig's super fantastic drumming and Matt's beautiful singing voice and rocking bass licks the band gained a movement in the underground scene. This movement was like explosive diarrhea. Noisy sloppy and really stinky but short lived only from 1993 to 1997 with a short reunion in 2002 for the Ohio Metal fest, But for the short time together they infected the many!

After 2002 Matt and his obsession with hoagies and the perfect hoagie started traveling the globe. One day while in a hoagie hangover he came upon a Cuban Hoagie shop in Fort Wayne Indiana named Schultz. With red onion breath with dried mayo on his chin he entered. Working the counter a young hoagie master was at work. Matt walked up to him. Matt looked  at the hoagie smith's  name tag  and it read in  beautiful cursive Andy. Andy sensed in Matt's dead hoagie eyes the search for the perfect Hoagie has brought Matt  near dead so he went right to work. While Matt sat and waited another costumer was there enjoying his hoagie. The costumer looked a Matt and said "Hey buddy they have running water."

Matt's head sank and he began to sob. The years searching for the perfect hoagie has it been a waste? He is 50 lbs heavier a sloppy mess and a broke jerk. Realizing what just had happen the fellow costumer said," Hey man I was kidding and I know your quest and you have reached it's end."


Matt's head rose as the hoagie arrive brought to him by the Hoagie chef himself.  It was the perfect hoagie! All was right with the world! After the hoagie was finished and enjoyed. Andy the Hoagie master said "I play drums"  he jumped over the dining table and tapped the door handle 400 and 46 times with his balls. The fellow costumer said to Matt" Andy has OCD, and he does that everytime he has to poop. Sometimes he poops before he gets done with the 400 and 46 taps, I'm Karl by the way. Nice to meet you."

    "Hi I am Matt. What do you guys do around here for fun?"

    Karl," Mostly cloud chasing. I play guitar plus I do some male modeling."

    Matt,"Nice would you like to play in a band with me?

Karl agreed and Andy made it to the toilet and was asked to play drums which he said yes.


Matt returned home with 3/4 of Hemdale taken care of but needed a bass player. He decided to get a trained so he hired Patric of Patric's don't fuck up the push up training. Patric showed up and yelled for 4 hours about push up form in America and how everyone fucks it up sooo hard. Then he train Matt for 10 minutes and charge him for 5 hours. On the way Out Patirc said " I play Hardcore bass!" He grabbed his ass and farted.

And that is how the new version of Hemdale formed! They Are


Matthew J. Rositano - Guitar and Vocals

Andy Sanchez - Drums

Karl Rast - Guitar

Patric Pariano - bass


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2014 Hemdale, Doubled Over Split 7 inch
2002 Rad Jackson Discography
1996 Hemdale/Exhumed In the Name Of Gore, Split CD CD
1995 Hemdale/Exit 13 split 7 inch
1994 Hemdale DEMO
1994 Internal Rot DEMO


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