Thajský grind na OEF 2015! Tahle smečka, jejíž jméno je FAILURE TRACE, 
produkuje více než jednu dekádu hrubý old school grindcore, ze kterýho 
vám spadnou trencle. Vězte, že pro Obscene Extreme Crew to není žádná 
velká neznámá, protože již v r. 2013 vystoupila na OEF Asia.

V Evropě jste je mohli zaregistrovat v podobě jednoho songu na tributní 
kompilaci Disrupt, která vyšla u Power It Up. Koncertně poměrně hodně 
aktivní kapela, která se chce také ukázat na starém kontinentu.


Failure Trace started as Failure Trace (Of Human Race) in South East Asia university, in musical club of the university. With the pioneered line up with Rayn - Vocals, Ball - Guitars, X - Bass, and Ya - Drummer. While the band was covering and New Metal (in early of years of 2000 it was New Metal invasion in Thailand) bands songs as hobby. The band performed participated shows on event and ceremonies of the university.

At same time 'Sano' the former Japanese band's member and co-founder of the band (which is now in the local Hardcore Punk band named, Low Fat). Approapched the Vocals 'Rayn' and gave him the cassette tape of the band Brutal Truth, the Kill Trend Suicide Record. And Sano said that 'hi, i want to give you this, listen to it, the vocals of this Record sounded like you' So Rayn was a bit confused with the resemblance of vocal, and replied that 'oh, thanks but i have it nice Records, and mentioned that he also liked Napalm Death, Carcass, and he likes and interested on Grindcore' Then Sano was very surprised that Rayn knew and had many band's cassette tapes (in 90's and middle of 2000, wning Cds was tough kind of thing in South East Asia, and Rayn was also still a student with not rich family to own or buy Cd player.) and knew about the Grindcore genre.

Then Rayn asked that if Sano can play guitars so come and join the band (which he didn't like the New Metal things, he was Punk). And Sano accepted and continued the rehearsal even in couples of shows in the university function. By that time Sano offered the band to start covering Punk band like Misfits, and the band was enjoyed it.

Suddenly the drummer and also another guitarist, Ball, and Bassist X, left the band, especially Drummer even left his study, disappeared permanently. And that time Rayn could not find the replacement and decided to start playing Grindcore. By Rayn decided to play drums himself and started the cover of Instinct Of Survival of the band Napalm Death. And Sano said the band's title is too long lets made it brief, so Failure Trace took place.

Rayn was trying as best as he can to play drums, and it was ok with the support of Sano on Guitar and some of Bassist, whom interested to play this weird some music in their views. In days of this practice, Sano like the band ANB and also did some thing the same, because he might think that finding the drummer of this genre was impossible thing. So he composed the track with the Drums-Machine device, and also composed the lyrics of the band. Then the 1st. track of the band came in the title of 'Continue Or New Game' Which Rayn informed him to record the rehearsal version of it. By that days, Sano composed many songs with Drums-Machine like A New Breed Of Pig, Shorted dick Capitalist Invasion, Bible Is Hyped Up On Drugs. And they had their rehearsal that time.

Mean while Mad, which was in the 1st. band of Rayn (also the one whom invited Rayn to the musical club of the university) which was covering Pop and Rock songs. Was very wonder what they were doing and he was curious and would like to try. By consequent he did it nice with faster and powerful strength. So Rayn and Sano encouraged him and invited him to join the band. And he did.

After getting drummer, Rayn contacted Ball, X who were away from the session, and also invited another friend names, D.I.R, to join the session. Then the official session of Failure Trace started in 2002. Recorded studio session, released 1st. Demo called Demo. 1 and promoted to zines, and promoters.

The band was in attention vastly in Thailand and also in South East Asian Hardcore Punk Grindcore scene. As a new comer with multi-national background and insane performance. Also with the genre, the band was the 1st. Hardcore influenced Grindcore Power-Violence band of Thailand, as the promoter and local zines point of views.

In these days, they had shows and toured all over in Bangkok and Metropolitan area, and also in another regions in Thailand. During one local show, in the toilet, Rayn met one who looked Japanese names, Yusuke, and they had a talk. And that guy said that he did not expect Hardcore Grindcore of performance there in Thailand So Rayn gave him the demo. Cd of Failure Trace, and Yusuke told him how much. So Rayn said 'it's free, I gave you by my pleasure' Yusuke was in big surprised and said, this is rare in Japan and US or Europe.

Rayn asked him that from where did he came from and then he said, Japan. So rain told him that the Guitarist of his band is also Japanese, and he will introduce them on. And then Rayn invited Yusuke to play in the Bass session, due to the backing off the journey of the Bassist X.

Failure Trace released 1st. Record in 2004 as Wholesome Song Ep. After that Rayn and Sano had different point of views on running the band and concepts. So the band broke up then in 2006. Sano started his Hardcore Punk band, titled as Low Fat, and Yusuke and Rayn continued to run their side project of also Hardcore Punk band titled as, Horror Hotel.

Failure Trace was in no action for couple of years, So Rayn persuaded Yusuke to run Failure Trace again. And recruited US based Bassist. And Rayn Started to play Drums once again. In this set Yusuke composed one track titled as Visually Impaired. And Rayn was playing Drums ofr couple of sets of rehearsal.

Then in 2007 by the suggestion of Boy (Sanyalux, of band, Masochist) to one guy as drummer names (also) 'Boy' Then Failure Trace continued their journey. Which the Death Metal influence of Boy, Failure Trace started to add Metal influence to the band, and expanded that range and the length of their songs. Started covering song of the band Pig Destroyer and Anal Of Blast.

After a short while Yusuke and Bassist decide to leave the band, by the reason that Rayn also was embarrassed to let they know. Actually this drummer was on trial of Homicide, and soon will be convicted for imprisonment.

Those couple left the band due to their own point of view, and by with the issue of safeness on playing with Homicide criminal Rayn then contacted X to re-join the session and recruited other Guitarist and composed 3 songs including the extended version of Visually Impaired.

Finally, the date of submission for the imprisonment of Boy came. Because he surrendered himself suddenly after commitiing the Homicide, and was on bail till the trial was on, and the final judgement. Boy recorded 5 precious drums tracks before his journey in prision, and Rayn still keep them to proceed and release them officially if he could. For the sake of their Friendship.

TIn 2008 Rayn was in a break again of the band's session. But we was contacted by his former members in 2004-5 Wholesome song Ep. session. Mad, Ball, and even Yusuke. That they interested to help him for a short term, and to start rehearsal and live performance one again. They composed and recorded many songs including Strings, Strays, Global Garmi, Bangkok International Homeless Expo. 2009, and Tech O' Or Tech No. And they released Self title Demo. in 2009 with those track unless Tech O' Or Tech No. and then this session was stop.

And again by the suggestion by the friend of Boy, of the Masochist band. Failure Trace had audited one drummer which had some rehearsal, and then that Drummer left the band and suggested his friend names, Boom as a new Drummer and James as a Guitarist. Also the Bassist joined the band. The Session of progressive Grindcore and Metal started with this line up in 2009. Then they had the 1st. over-seas tour at Malaysia and Singapore in 2010. With Worm Rot, Torture Incident, Tools Of The Trade, Compulsion To Kill, Magnicide, and Analdicktion.

After returning from Singapore, Rayn was contacted by Andrew, the Guitarist of the Analdicktion band in 2011. That he was going to Thailand for personal reason, and will live there for a while. By those correspondence, Rayn invited Andrew to be a Co-Vocals of the band. And Andrew did. Failure Trace had been having shows, and also played as an opener of the trip of Worm Rot.

In these period Failure Trace participated in Disrupt Tribute by Power It Up Records, and also invited to join a Tribute to Seth Putnam of Anal Cunt, by Grind To Death Webzine. Which Andrew played Bass and did a Co-Vocals in the track, Mass Graves Disrupt Tribute, and same jobs in the track 5 Pills Perennially.

In 2012 Andrew had to leave Thailand to USA and the rest of members also left due to their own reason. Also Rayn shifted his resident to beach coast city which is far from capital as Bangkok, and hard to find musician which prefer extreme music there.

So he put the band on idle mode, but in the middle of 2013 Rayn set up an exclusive line up to play the support of Captain Clean off live in Bangkok. And it went well. But thing went worst as after that show, Rayn was on major car accident and was almost dead. With the fatal condition of Brain hemorrhage, Cut his Live, stab his Lungs by a broken Ribs, broke his arm, and was in memory lost for 2 months after he gained the consciousness.

By the help of may be god, Rayn gained his memory and was in recovery in November. Then he started to check the information in the internet on computer. He as even can not remember the passwords of those medias. And he received e mail from Alvin, the Drummer of the solid Grind Hardcore band from Indonesia, Noxa. That can Failure Trace go perform the Obscene Extreme Festival that held 1st. time in Asia. That time we was even confused that what to react. Because lost all kind of feelings and sensory. Now he still can not realize the smell, or odour and lost this ability permanently. So then he decided to join the festival the that physical condition. He decided that, even he might be dead on the venue during the performance, his will try his best and die there. Then Failure Trace joined this festival in the middle of 2013 and been on idle mode once again.

In 2014 Failure Trace joined the local shows and events, and was supposed to join Obscene Extreme 2014. But by financial crisis of Rayn, and also the Drummer of the band had to go live and study at the far away location. So the band could not join this festival.

But in the late of 2014. By the announcement about OEF 2015, Rayn decide to sail on this mission by Joining this festival. By gathering an exclusive line up from many countries, with one German expatriate that works in Thailand. As a multi-national trans-continental tribal Grindcore Veterans. It's kind of an epic. It's kind of a phenomenon. It's not easy but it's not impossible. The band has been sailing through ordeals and obstacles. But Rayn still alive and will sail!!!


Rayn 'Indian' - Vocals/Percussion

Chris 'German' - Bass

Kriz Ramirez 'Mexican' "Into Sickness" and ''Nazareno el Violento" - Guitars (Exclusive)

Leo Padua 'Mexican' "Bestia" and "Black Plage" - Drums (Exclusive)


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2014 Bullet Brain
2013 Failure Trace Split Megalomen
2013 OBSCENE EXTREME Asia 2013 festival CD - 25. FAILURE TRACE - 5 Pills Perennially with Andrew Ferris 'Analdiction' CD
2012 Fascist Insect - Failure Trace Split 'Failed Trace Of Human Race''
2012 A Tribute to Seth Putnam (Anal Cunt) 2012, Grinding Aftermath compilation: 69 tracks of skull cracking grind. courtesy of 69 grind bands, American Aftermath and Grind to Death CD
2010 Grind to Death.blogspot.com CD
2010 Wholesome EP, has been put as part of best of 2010 Mixtape EP
2010 Compilation CD from SIAMESE BRUTALISM DEATH METAL's bands CD
2006 Blast from the far east 3, 5 ways south eastasian grindcore split. Basement recs
2005 Wholesome song EP
2005 Massacre unleashed - vol. 2 (cdr compilation) metal industries zine. 'singapore' CD
2004 Wholesome song EP


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