WARCOLLAPSE - Cold War Remains


Jestli se dá o nějaké crustové kapele hovořit jako o legendární, tak jednou z nich, která vám okamžitě vyjede na povrch mozkových blan, jsou švédští WARCOLLAPSE. Hrubý střednětempý crust / d-beat se špetkou Discharge surovosti, temnou atmosférou a velkým vlivem skandinávské raw punk / metal scény z osmdesátých let.

Kapela, která popravdě není nijak hyperaktivní, ale když už se rozhodne vylézt z nor, stojí to za to (viz. jejich několik návštěv české kotliny). Více než dvacet let existence a hromada zkušeností, je předurčuje k tomu, být letošními Obscene Extreme headlinery! Dámy a pánové – WARCOLLAPSE!!!


In the beginning there was…

Warcollapse started out in December ´91 under the name Earcollapse. Under the influence of grindcore Jalle - vocals/drums and Emil - bass/guitar terrorized the scene and recorded the first demo "Misery And Despair". In the beginning of `92 Kalle joined the duo and in the end of the same year Janne took over the bass.

In February ´93 Warcollapse entered the studio for the first time and recorded some songs for the split-ep with Extinction of Mankind (Elderberry Rec.) and the compilations "War Compilations" (Tribal War) and "Distortion to Hell" (Distortion Rec.)

On the 13th of November Warcollapse played live for the first time at "Bokcafet" in Kalmar and later that month they recorded their debut-ep, "Indoctri-Nation", released by the Japanese label Tribal war and later, due to shity pressing, by the Swedish label Elderberry.

In April of 1994 the band toured U.K. with Substandard and in June tracks where recorded for the planed debut-album but because of unsatisfied studio results and lack of energy the tracks appeared on different 7" and split records.

In November ´94 Warcollapse toured together with Extinction of Mankind and Counterblast. The legendary "Moonshine and Hellfire" tour was a totally "success" so in September ´95 the band and Extinction made the roads unsafe again in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Austria.

Boredom, substitutes and mistrust lay as a wet blanket over the band till 1997 when the members got their shit together again and recorded their first album "Divine Intoxication" (Mind Control Rec.). In November ´99 they where forced on stage and the gig was shoot and released on video by Pas-83 Productions.

As usual sporadic gigs was made and in August ´03 Jalle left the band and was replaced by Henke from 3 Way Cum. In june ´04 Warcollapse entered the studio again to record the eagerly awaited second album.

After personal fuck ups Jalle grabbed the microphone again, May ´06, and the band got new energy and toured Czech, Poland and Germany. In the beginning ´07 Warcollapse finnished the second LP, "Defy!", and enterd the stages in Gothenburg, Malmö and Copenhagen where they was the last band to play at Ungdomshuset before the danish state, city council and the christian sect "Fadershuset" closed the place down.

Next state Warcollapse visited and made the roads unsafe in was Italy. In october `07 five gigs from south to north was made. Since then the band have made festivals and sporadic gigs in Slovenia, Czech, US, Sweden and other countries.

Jalle - Vocals

Kalle - Drums

Janne - Bass

Emil - Gutar


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2012 Crap, Scrap and Unforgivable Slaughter vol.2 12" LP
2012 Crap, Scrap and Unforgivable Slaughter vol.2 12" LP
1992 Crust As Fuck Existence 12" (Black vinyl, 415 copies.) LP
1992 Crust As Fuck Existence 12" (Limited edition. Screened cover, red/black vinyl, patch, 99 copies.) LP


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