FILTHY CHARITY - From the Filth Of Your Charity


Další z řady kapel, které byly aktivní v průběhu 90. let, aby se k miléniu rozpadly a po pár letech nového tisíciletí rozhodly vrátit na pódia, která neznamenají skoro vůbec nic a o to větší respekt si nicméně zaslouží. FILTHY CHARITY jsou ukázkovým příkladem.

Francouzský old school grind, který se do hry vrátil spolu se split LP s crustcore kapelou Warhead a jejíž nové nahrávky stále zní hrubě a brutálně. V jaké formě se nacházejí v současnosti budete mít možnost vidět na OEF 2014!!!


FILTHY CHARITY was formed in Arles by Filthy Dave in March 1989.

At first the project was based around Filthy Dave with the other group members changing constantly . The band rapidly recorded their first demo "And the Oppression Continues ... " . In December 1989 Jean Philippe (drums) and Stéphane ( vocals ) joined the band and a few months later they recorded the famous split tape with the Dutch band, BESMET . Distribution of more than 800 copies of the tape meant the group became known worldwide and lead to participation in several cassette compilations which were very fashionable at that time in the underground punk scene . After an unstable period, the line up started to stabilize in 1991 when the Reverend Michel C. joined the group, followed by Lionhell Butorsky in 1992 and Romuald Kaminscore in 1993. It is this formation that remains the longest-lasting in the history of the group (1993-1998) and which recorded the album Manes Thecel Phares in 1995 and the EP Disgrace of the Earth in 1994.

In 1998 differences appeared in Filthy Charity ,ending in a split into two groups : Filthy Dave and Lionhell Butorsky left to form SUBSTANCE OF NOISE, a decidedly crustcore project while Romuald Kaminscore and Reverend Michael C. continued to play under the name FILTHY CHARITY joined by two other musicians (David P. , Michael, Fab) .If Romuald Kaminscore and Reverend Michael C. ceased all activity under the name Filthy Charity in 2000 , Filthy Dave and Lionhell continued playing together in various crustcore formations (SUBSTANCE OF NOISE, LUNGLANCE ) until 2008. In 2008 following the end of the LUNGLANCE adventure Filthy Dave decided to reform FILTHY CHARITY ,getting back together with Lionhell Butorsky and Romuald Kaminscore . This new formation was quickly completed by Greg,singer of CHIASSE NEGATIVE, punk band from Marseille . Together they recorded a new demo released fordownload. In January 2009 Romuald Kaminscore left the band , he was replaced by Mello Leon, member of the Marseille cumbia band, LA CUMBIA CHICHARRA. In July 2010, the split FILTHY CHARITY / WARDEAD was released on ENTHROPY RECORDS and UNDISLESSED RECORDS and in October 2012 , Filthy Dave and Lionhell Butorsky decided to continue as a duo . During this period they recorded a split 10 " with BUTCHER PROJECT ( released on ENTHROPY RECORDS, NEANDERTAL PROD and ACRATOS ) . Pat Fröst , from the Marseille crust band HOLY FRÖST has now joined the band, taking the bass in October 2013.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2013 Split 10" avec Butcher Project 10" EP
2010 Split avec Wardead LP
1996 Manes Thecel Phares CD
1995 Disgrace of the Earth EP
1993 Split EP avec SRMP EP


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