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BESTA - Simbolos Da Ignorancia


Portugalští ďáblové BESTA, kteří unikli z nejtemnějších míst, která si lze představit, se nechávají inspirovat hororovými filmy a míchají z nich šílený mix punk-rocku a oldschoolového gridcoru plného vazbení.

Na kontě mají od roku 2012 čyři nasrané nahrávky a vystoupení s EYEHATEGOD, CATTLE DECAPTIATION, MOB 47, CRYPTOPSY a POSSESSED. V roce 2014 vzdají hold mistrovi hrůzy novým EP "John Carpenter" a na OBSCENE EXTREME zaujmou své místo jako mistři grindu!!!


Hailing from the darkest corners of Lisbon, Portugal comes Besta, a trio featuring members of If Lucy Fell, Men Eater and We Are The Damned formed in 2012. Fueled with a large dose of orthodox Punk and Grind, to be more specific Bad Brains and old Napalm Death, those are the key ingrEdients for their sound, always with their own creative vein on top of every tune they deliver, with a political axe to grind, shouted on their native Portuguese tongue, they do have a lot of pissed off to say and sure to leave an impact on the extreme music scene.

Besta´s debut album “Ajoelha-Te Perante A Besta” got on the 5 best albums of 2012 on Loud Magazine in Portugal and Blitz Magazine. They have toured all over native Portugal and Spain, as well as supporting and playing festivals with bands such as Massgrave, Eyehategod, Risk It, Suicidal Angels, Holocausto Canibal or Process Of Guilt. Their music will leave no one indifferent both live and on tape, the band sure bashes all boundaries with an extended forefinger into the face of fashion. Besta´s new offering“Sincronismo Do Mal” EP was mixed and mastered by Steve Austin from Today Is The Day fame.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2014 Sincronismo Do Mal CD
2013 The Stench Of Horror - Split tape with Teething MC (TAPE)
2013 Herege Split 7 Inch ww/Englemaker EP
2012 Ajoelha-Te Perante A Besta CD


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